Reppin Boston Strong!!

Welcome to the weekend, I’m Beantown bound baby!!!!

I am pretty darn excited today on many levels.  First, I am on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n.  No more work until June (YAY!!)  Second, it’s a long holiday weekend (ok, maybe that doesn’t really count since I’m on vacation but it’s my blog, who cares, I’m counting it).  Third, my trip to Boston means a visit and much needed quality time with one of my bestest (yes, I made that a word) friends.  Fourth, in true race-cation form it’s time for Boston’s Run to Remember!  This is now my 4th half marathon this year and the 6th race in my 13 in 2013 challengeAND, what makes it better is I get to run this race with BFF’s hubby – his FIRST half marathon evah!  What’s not to be excited about?!

i-can-t-be-calm-i-m-too-excitedFor nearly a decade, the Boston Run to Remember has always been a race that gives tribute to fallen officers.  This year it will take on an even deeper meaning following the Boston Marathon bombings (and sold out at record pace following this tragedy).  There will be a special tribute to those impacted and to be there for it in a city I called home for so long is beyond special to me!!

I signed up several months ago at the urging (yeah, she really twisted my arm there!) of my friend when she told me her husband had registered.  I haven’t visited Boston since last Memorial Day weekend.  I probably would not have signed up (given it was scheduled only a few weeks post Pittsburgh) if it were not for 2 things.  1.  a chance to support the aforementioned newbie half runner, and 2.  the fact I registered for this race last year – only to travel to Boston, pick up my packet, then end up in the emergency room the evening before and not make it to race day.  Can we say I want a do over?!boston-strong-run

While the weather isn’t looking too promising this weekend and my training has been a little lax since Pittsburgh, I know I can manage a decent jaunt in the 50+ degrees predicted.  In any case, just the sheer atmosphere and energy of this event and community I’m sure will be a memorable experience.

I am going to Boston laptop free in order to really enjoy my time there with friends so bear with me on the post race recap and photos!  And of course when I return home I have a few days before I move so internet may be lost but check my Twitter or Facebook page if you’re really jonesing for a Mar on the Run! update 😉  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

What’s on the docket for your holiday weekend? anyone racing?  Whatever you do, enjoy it fully! (and responsibly) 🙂

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  1. Have a wonderful race and vacation! No races for me this weekend, got 8-9 mile long run but other than that just hanging out at home and getting stuff done. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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