A Week in Workouts and Good Eating!

Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Are you tired of hearing that from me yet?  Even though *technically* it doesn’t start until next weekend I am loving these cooler temps, open windows, the start of football and better running weather.  weatherSpeaking of running after my half Labor Day weekend I intentionally took the week off from running.  I was tired and simply not feeling it.  I had several rest days, got a massage, took my usual weekly Barbell class, took in a concert and of course if you read my class review, did a Yoga Hike!  This past week was a different story as the much needed rest time reset my activity levels.

Weekly Workout Recap

Sunday was NFL day.  No lie I stayed in bed all morning.  I did write a post for my other blog, Girls Talk Game but spent the first half watching my beloved Steelers in bed.  Usually I hit up our fan clubs Steelers bar but I just wasn’t feeling it this Sunday.  By halftime I was annoyed with the Steelers and ready to move.  So naturally I put on my running gear and went to the fitness center in my complex and turned the game on there.  Then I tore off 4 angry miles.  Seriously this is what my team does to me (they lost if you don’t follow the game or didn’t deduce that from the tone!)

Monday was a busy workday and I felt like I should workout.  BodyPump at the gym was at 7 pm but did I really want to wait?  I talked myself in and out of class until finally I changed and went.  I am really glad I did as I enjoyed an instructor I never had before and finally got it right with the barbell weights.  I felt AWESOME afterwards and SORE on Tuesday.

Tuesday was run day fun day!  I decided to “go naked” and enjoy an evening run sans GPS.  Though I could probably guess, I have no idea how long I was out there or what my pace was and I didn’t care.  It felt good just to RUN.

Wednesday I saw my trainer who admittedly I haven’t seen since mid-July (sorry Steven!!).  But I’ve had a busy and active summer regardless.  We worked mainly upper body with bicep curls, tricep work, burpees, bent arm rows, jumping jacks, you know the usual 😉

Thursday was dinner with the girls and therefore a REST day.  I have 3 close friends from high school in the area and we try to get together as a group as often as we can – it has been many months since we were all together but we celebrated a birthday and got free treats:


Bananas Foster, Creme Brulee, Key Lime Pie, and Macadamia Nut Brownie Sundae! YUM!!

Friday was another REST day.

Saturday I started my morning with a yummy brunch at a new spot, District Commons in Foggy Bottom.  It was delicious!!  I had the Skinny Omelet:  Egg Whites with Spinach, Mushrooms, Feta and Onion.  And since I’m allergic to oranges had my Mimosa with Cranberry Juice instead (a Cran-Mosa!)  brunchI had intended to do my long run in the late afternoon/evening but a series of events precluded that from happening (namely getting bit by a weird looking mosquito and breaking out in hives, ugh).  I settled for an evening walk which was perfect to take in the sights of fall: walkI’ll make up for the missed long run today (and test out my new Garmin, yay!) and have another busy and active week in store.  Just three weeks to the Crawlin’ Crab Half – woot!  Have a GREAT start to your week everyone.  Did you race or put in some miles?

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    1. And don’t get me started on these freaking mosquitoes. This one got in the house which makes me madder!!

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