List it, Live it: My 40 by 40!

Fall is in full swing and as I see the days tick by on the calendar I am reminded of a couple of milestones less than 5 months away – first marathon and turning 40!  As I’ve been thinking about these 2 things other ideas of what I’d like to accomplish have popped into my head.  So I do what any Type A individual does – I made a list 🙂  listHere is my list of 40 things to do before I’m 40 (though to be fair, I’m giving myself an actual deadline of end of March since the marathon is a week after my birthday).  This may read as sort of a to do list in some spots because well 1) there are only so many “big” challenges I can do in 4 1/2 months in addition to marathon training 2) some items are already in the works  and 3) it’s my list (haha) so, here goes:

  1. Hook up my surround sound (this is #1 for a reason, the stuff has been sitting around since I moved in May!!)
  2. Write an article for Active Life DC (remember my blogger feature?!)
  3. Take in a Broadway Show
  4. Disconnect from smart phone, email, social media and internet for a full weekend
  5. See a live NBA game
  6. Go to a Steelers away game (DONE)
  7. Visit my bestie in Chicago
  8. Become certified as a running coach (!!)
  9. Try a new cuisine / DC restaurant once a month
  10.  Finish reading the Great Gatsby (seriously – I’ve been on the same page for almost 2 years…)
  11.  Take a cooking class
  12.  Wine tasting at a winery (never been!)
  13.  Learn to shoot at a gun range
  14.  Try stand up paddle boarding
  15.  Triple the amount of my savings account
  16.  Hire a maid service
  17.  Go on a Chocolate Tour of DC
  18.  Race in 5 different states
  19.  Go for an early morning run (race doesn’t count!)
  20.  Take a spinning class
  21.  Get properly fitted for running shoes
  22.  Photo a day for a month
  23.  Get a second tattoo 😉
  24.  See a show at the Kennedy Center
  25.  Visit a new to me DC Museum
  26.  Go hiking in Great Falls
  27.  Be honest about how much “stuff” I have that I don’t need, purge and donate (which leads me to #28!)
  28.  Have a housewarming party
  29.  Sell my stock of handmade cards
  30.  Play miniature golf at Top Golf
  31.  Road trip through multiple states
  32.  Try Zumba
  33.  Write a Business Plan 🙂
  34.  Go ice skating (keep in mind I have NEVER done this!)
  35.  Tour George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate
  36.  Attend a charity event (DONE) – but expect more volunteerism!!
  37.  Raise money for Girls on the Run as a SoleMate (AHEM)
  38.  Get a passport (yes, sadly I do not have one of these…)
  39.  Plan an international trip (I have my eye on Portugal!) and lastly,
  40.  Run a marathon

And there you have it!  As you can see a few things are already checked off the list.  And hey, if anyone wants to help me out with any of this, just say the word!!  I’ll keep you posted on my progress 🙂

Do you have a “list” what is or would be on it?

30 thoughts on “List it, Live it: My 40 by 40!

    1. Stupid iPhone keyboard.

      I was saying… don’t even look close to 40!!! (But then again I don’t look 35. 😉 )

      You’ve got some cool things on your list and some things I’d like to do and/or get too! I’ve also been thinking about getting certified as a running coach. But I haven’t seriously looked into what it takes yet.

      1. it’s all that running 🙂 RRCA is the way to go for certification. Trying to catch an open class is the hard part. It might take me 5 months just to get in one!

        1. I’ve heard of RRCA when Laura at Mommy Run Fast got certified and that’s what kind of inspired me. 🙂

          You said you were going to be at the outer banks in November same weekend I’m doing the half. Where and how far away is that??

  1. New to your blog (can’t remember how I found it though). Great list!! Lots of very exciting things coming up! What marathon are you doing?

    1. haha, thanks! on a positive note this list got me to straighten up the house this weekend 😉

  2. Love this list! I’ve done a few of them! Me and my friends went to a winery about an hour away and it was such a nice girls outing and we got a tiny bit tipsy too! I’ve been to the gun range once. I’m ready to go back especially now that I have my gun license! Now tell me more about this chocolate tour so that next time I’m in DC I can look this up!!

  3. I absolutely love some of these! Going to wineries for wine tastings is one of my favorite hobbies (I’ve been to about 30 VA wineries so far, and plenty of wineries in other states) so let me know if you want company or if you need suggestions! 🙂 VA has so many great winery options. Also, I really want to try SUPing too but I’m thinking I waited until it was too cold! I don’t want to fall into the Potomac in the cold! (actually, I don’t want to fall into it ever, but it’d be worse in the cold! :-))

    1. Yeah, I just looked into SUPing and I waited too long!! The season is April-September. I’ll have to replace it with something else on my list. And as for VA wineries, I would take suggestions and company 🙂

    1. Ha! Thanks 🙂 the international trip won’t happen until waaaaay later but I want to plan something!!

  4. I LOVE this list and want to make my own. I turn 40 next year, so If I make my list now I’ll have a year to knock it out. Kind of scary though!!!!!!!!!! But I have noticed this weird phenomenon though, when I make lists and write things down – they almost ALWAYS happen. 🙂 I better get to work. thanks for the motivation.

    1. Ha! thanks 🙂 I tried to mix up every day things with some bigger things b/c quite frankly, I need the motivation! Moving on lots of it though…

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