Friday Five – MCM Weekend is here!

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Today’s Friday Five is in honor of Marine Corps Marathon Weekend!!  “The People’s Marathon” is one of the largest and most popular running events and is a premier DC event.  The city has been buzzing for days in anticipation (if not weeks!!) and with the government shutdown there was fear of cancellation BUT it. is. so. on.MCMPerhaps it’s the excitement of another race weekend or how I feel about my own marathon many months away but there is so much awesome energy in the air!  Here are Five things that get me pumped up for race day:

1.  The Race Itself!  Nothing gets me going heading into race day more than well, the race.  This Sunday I will be holding it down on the MCM10K course.  I ran this race for the first time in 2011.  I was already on a running high following my first half marathon a few weeks prior.  I remember it being unseasonably cold and the bridges iced over which affected my result of 1:01:22.  But the atmosphere was simply amazing.  This time around I’ll be joined by several running friends and a 10K newbie (go Alishia!!)

2.  Music!! I try to keep the playlist fresh and routinely update my tunes between races.  If you’re in need of suggestions, here are a few of my latest additions:

3.  Thinking about the bling…


This needs no explanation, right?

4.  Distractions.  Sometimes the hours seem to slowly tick by and just thinking about the race isn’t enough to make the time go faster.  And taper mode? antsy city!  In my case as a way to relax a bit this weekend I’ll make a lunchtime trek to the Expo Friday to get my bib and soak in the energy.

Also, I’ve been driving, running or walking by this little pumpkin patch near my house daily for the past month or so.  I’ve decided that it is time to be a kid again and pick out my very own punkin’ to carve and scoop.  I’m already tasting those oven roasted salty seeds!! pumpkins

5.  Buy something pretty (or new for the fellas).  This is my favorite 🙂  I always buy something for myself for race day.  Not always a big thing, sometimes just a headband, or a pair of socks, or a small trinkety item.  With temps in the 40’s Sunday I opted for running skirt, long sleeve technical shirt and hopefully these babies make their way to my mailbox in time:  compressionI have many peeps running in the MCM and know you all have trained and worked so hard for this moment so the BEST of luck to you!!  And to all others who are racing this weekend!!


9 thoughts on “Friday Five – MCM Weekend is here!

  1. MCM was my first marathon and it was wonderful…. super, super hard, but awesome! I remember the bling being pretty awesome – the medals were nice, and the shirts were really nice too.

  2. Have fun doing the 10k! IF I decide to run another marathon after Richmond, I think I’ll shoot for MCM next year. I have a wedding Saturday night and a 10am flight Sunday morning so it was a no go for me this year.

    1. Thanks and have a great weekend!! If I don’t hate running after my first full in the spring, MCM is on the list 😉

    1. Haha! I’ll be thinking of you 🙂 tomorrow is just a training run for me but can’t pass up the Marines… 😉 good luck!

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