Working for the Weekend!

Is it just me or do the weekends seem to just fly by anymore?!  I realized I am now inside of 3 weeks until I begin marathon training.  *gulp*  I am excited, unnerved and not really sure what I was thinking.  Who am I kidding I’m going into this eyes wide open and ready for the challenge so bring it on!!  ChallengeAcceptedBut before I get to that I have a pretty exciting week coming up.  My final races for the year and last of the 13 in 2013 challenge happen on Saturday and Sunday at the Outer Banks where the weather is supposed to be perfect and the beach is calling my name.  Let the countdown commence:

OBXhalfMoving forward I am going to be a bit more structured on the blog (I’m Type A, sorry).  Look for my weekly marathon training recap on Sundays.  The good, the bad, and the ugly 🙂  Mid week will see progress posts on my 40 by 40 list and other topics that may suit my fancy (I have a whole bunch of stuff already lined up!)  There will be minimal race recaps since I likely won’t race a ton in between now and March but you’ll get ’em if they happen.  Fridays will continue to be the Friday Five link up for as long a we opt to do them so make sure you join in on the party!   I hope you stay with me during the marathon ride, it should be FUN!

Weekly Workout Recap

  • Sunday: MCM10K recap
  • Monday:  3 mile run
  • Tuesday:  REST and an overnight work trip to NYC
  • Wednesday:  2 mile walk (for Froyo, of course)
  • Thursday:  Halloween workout and party!  I joined the Roam Fitness crew for a mini workout and Halloween party at the gym.  That is how #fitfam does Halloween!  Just a few snapshots of the fun:  012019Roam2RoamFriday:  REST (unplanned)
  • Saturday:  Core circuit
  • This week:  today is long run Sunday and I’m looking to get in 9 miles.  Followed by Pro+fuse at Roam on Monday, short run Tuesday and I’m going to try Yoga Sculpt Wednesday at a newly opened Core Power Yoga studio (heated yoga with weights?  ummm, where’s the sign up sheet?!!)  A recap will certainly follow.

Lastly, my SoleMates fundraiser for Girls on the Run DC collected nearly $600 for this worthy cause which is enough to provide full program sponsorship to 3 young girls.  That’s a LOT of self esteem building y’all.  THANK you to everyone that donated.  OBX here I come!!!!

8 thoughts on “Working for the Weekend!

  1. Love that you are involved with GOTR. Christine volunteers for them at local races and has a great time with the girls. Good luck with marathon training. I’ve just started my Dopey Challenge training and that will be a beast come December….not looking forward to those long back to back training runs!

    1. it is a great org!! I was so disappointed when I realized my schedule wouldn’t allow for me to volunteer in the fall but SoleMates fundraising was the next best thing!

  2. Ok, so when you told me you were going to be at the Outerbanks next weekend, I seriously thought it was some place near Savannah, GA. 🙂 It all makes sense now. Good luck next weekend!

    And I agree…the weekends go by way too fast!

    1. LOL! SC is on my state bucket list so give me some suggestions!! Let’s find one to do together 🙂

    1. Thank you!!!!

      I absolutely love Roam Fitness!! The guys are really great and the workouts intense and fun. They’re building something special there. Check it out for sure and tell ’em I sent ya! 😉

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