DC Fitness: CorePower Yoga – The Heat is On!

You all know I believe that yoga is the perfect complimentary exercise for a runner.  It is also no secret that I like to move and sweat when I workout so don’t make it to practice as often as I probably could and should.  This summer in order to mix it up a bit I tried a Yoga Hike (courtesy of Yoga Hikes DC) which I loved and will do again!  I also tried Barre which I wanted to love and didn’t (but may try another class in the near future).  So when I got my mail this weekend imagine my intrigue when this card showed up:  ???????????????????????????????What is CorePower Yoga you ask?!  Set to energizing music, “CorePower Yoga strengthens, balances, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind. CorePower Yoga classes will have you moving, breathing and sweating.”  Yoga + Sweat? Yes, yes and YES!  Now, you needn’t have received this promotional card in the mail to try it out, they are offering one week of free yoga to new students at ANY location (there are 2 in DC, Georgetown and Glover Park).  freeweek

With my 5K and half marathon looming this weekend and fresh off a 9 mile run Sunday, I thought what better time than now to try it out!  They offer CorePower Yoga 1 for beginners, CorePower Yoga 2 which is heated, Yoga Sculpt which is heated with weights and Hot Power Fusion (also heated, Bikram style).  I opted for Yoga Sculpt because hello I’m a strength training junkie!

I arrived at the studio Tuesday and was greeted at the desk by Ericka, who happened to be the nights instructor.  She was friendly, helpful and energetic so I KNEW this would be fun!  The facility was clean, nicely lit, with a nice reception area (and a clothing display with items for sale) 2 studios and a men’s and women’s locker room.  CP_reception

We started out the warm up to energetic music and centered on breathing (and getting used to the heat).  We transitioned through child’s pose, fold and half lift, cobra, and chair stretches.  I was sweating buckets 5 minutes in!  It was about 90 degrees give or take the entire hour.  Not as intense heat as a Bikram Yoga class but enough to work up a good sweat.

The core of the yoga workout incorporated free weights (I used 3 and 5 pounders) to do warrior poses, and bicep and tricep work.  It also included a cardio circuit (high knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers).  We did several sets of all exercises and poses and this was my first experience doing a downward dog push up (say what now?!)  We finished on the mat with some core work and then relaxed and final stretching with the lights dimmed.  weights

All in all this was a GREAT workout.  The hour passed by so quickly!  I will say that if you are looking for the quiet meditative practice of yoga or are a beginner who is not used to the various yoga poses, this is NOT the class for you.  There was not a lot of time spent on instruction (not a bad thing) because you are in constant motion.  You can take a break at any point, or rest in child’s pose.  I left the room a couple of times to grab a drink from the water fountain as I forgot my water bottle.  The instructor walked around providing encouragement but also practiced with us.

A few things to note if you do go:  drink plenty of water before, during and after (and note to self, don’t leave your water bottle in the car and if you do purchase the water they have there, duh) and bring a couple of towels!!!  I have my own yoga mat and it was pretty much soaked.  So, thumbs up for CorePower Yoga and their Yoga Sculpt class. I went to the Glover Park location but there is also one in Georgetown and Bethesda.Corepower

Even a few hours after finishing the class, I’m already sore!  But, famous last words:  I will be back!

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    1. It was so fun! Yeah, I really wanted to like it but wasn’t overwhelmed by it. Willing to give it another shot with the trifecta 😉 !

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