Friday Five: I Am Thankful…

With Thanksgiving less than a week away my DC Trifecta ladies and I have decided to use this week’s Friday Five to share 5 things we are thankful for.  Link your Friday Five posts with us and share the blogging love!  You can now grab our badge code on my right sidebar. DC_linkupI appreciate the holiday season as it generally brings out the best in people.  Kindness, Sharing, and Gratitude are all attributes we should espouse year round and sometimes forget until the season is upon us.  This past year has not been without its ups and downs (life, right?) but today in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I focus on what I am thankful for.  IMG_3141, thankfulI Am Thankful…

1.  for my fitness and blogging community.  This blog has blessed me with many opportunities over the past year and for that I am thankful.  Without it I wouldn’t have crossed paths with so many people I can now call friends.  And with Cynthia and Courtney in particular to create our “Trifecta”.  Many more experiences to come ladies, many more!!

2.  for my job.  It can be stressful, what job isn’t, but even so there are people out there still searching for employment or not being fulfilled in their roles.  I have a great opportunity and while not everyday is sunny and rosy I am blessed to have it.  I’ve been in Pittsburgh all week attending to a family obligation and working remotely.  Not a totally ideal situation for me but not everyone gets an opportunity to balance their home and life in that manner and for that I am definitely very thankful.

3.  for good health and my running shoes.  My last post summarized my 13 in 2013 goal which I completed injury free (minor pangs notwithstanding).  I am grateful for just having the shear ability to lace up my shoes and go!  It not only makes for great adventures but it keeps me healthy and strong.  Yes, health – very, very, thankful.

4.  for my family and friends.  I have some amazing people in my life, I really do.  At times I may have stressed too much about who isn’t there but I hope to never take for granted the relationships that matter.  This year for Thanksgiving I will be with my bestie and her family in Chicago.  Not everyone can boast about a nearly 30 year friendship but I’m lucky enough to have one.  We have seen and supported one another through many life changes.  True friends know all your faults, and love you anyway and I have never been more blessed to have a “true” friend in all my life.  Not enough words to express.  So, very, very thankful.

5.  for being able to give thanks.  As a writer and reader of a blog so often we project and see what I’d consider ones “highlight reel”.  While it’s easy to fall into a comparison trap happiness comes from within.  I appreciate my life and grateful for today and the hopes for tomorrow.  I may not have everything I want but I certainly have all I need.

always_thanksWhat are you Thankful for?  How will you spend your Thanksgiving holiday?

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19 thoughts on “Friday Five: I Am Thankful…

  1. Love, love, love your list! There really IS always something to be thankful for! Having a 30-year friendship is indeed amazing!!

    For Thanksgiving, we will be staying put in StL, but I always make a big meal, turkey, dressing, bread, pumpkin cheesecake, the works! I am looking SO forward to it!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, there is definitely always something to be thankful for.

      That meal sounds fantastic!! Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. Number 5 is one of my favorites, we just need to remember our blogging voice is just that … OUR blogging and no one else’s and if we try to be someone else our writing will not come across as authentic. Thank you for hosting the link up, I’m already looking forward to next week!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Readers know when the writing isn’t authentic. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you’re welcome – come back next week!!!

  3. Love your reasons! I have those life long friends also. 🙂 I always say that those types of friendships are worth so much. Bonds were formed in a time when friendship meaner much more than it does now a days. Those life long friends are the ones that I may not talk to on a daily basis but know that when we do, it’s like time hasn’t passed and they’ll be there no questions asked, if I ever need them. As we grow older, we treasure those friendships and hold them closer to our hearts.

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