Friday Five: Warm it up, Kris!

*Bonus if you started bopping your head at this title!

Happy Friday!!  Hard to believe that 2 weeks ago I was warming it up in 70+ degree weather in Texas.  I already lamented the cold downright frigid weather this week but we must press on (besides, I spy 50 degrees this weekend!)

Last week we announced a theme for today’s Friday Five so hopefully you’ll join us with your own 5 days of fitness in photos (say that 3 times fast)!  Either way, linkup with the DC Trifecta (Courtney, Eat Pray Run, DC and Cynthia, You Signed Up for What?!) party this and every week!DC_linkup

FITNESS DAY 1:  Saturday.  Picture this:  8 am, 20 degrees (feels like 9), windy, 3 layers, frozen Camel Bak, 16 miles.  I felt like such a bad ass. PhotoGrid_1390954926344

FITNESS DAY 2:  Sunday.  Active Recovery included 30 minutes of Yoga for Athletes (thank you Comcast OnDemand), an Epsom Salt Bath Soak, and my BFF: Mr. Foam Roller 🙂 PhotoGrid_1390961562172

FITNESS DAY 3:  Monday.  Today I did a double – an hour of Body Pump at lunch followed up with a 3 mile evening treadmill run.  Sweaty. hot. mess.  oh, YES!PhotoGrid_1390877267533

FITNESS DAY 4:  Wednesday.  As Tuesday was a much needed rest day, I went back at it on Wednesday.  I opted for an indoor track session on the treadmill.  Ran a few “extra” meters totally not on purpose, and it was hard, but I got it done.  PhotoGrid_1391049753524

FITNESS DAY 5:  Thursday.  I had grand plans for today – a scheduled 4 mile Outrun with Roam Fitness DC.  Buuuut… I had been sneezing woefully for 2 days and dare I say feeling siii… (I cannot, will not finish that sentence).  So I thought rest was in order and threw in a plank and a prayer for good measure.  PhotoGrid_1391133170856

Fingers crossed for an active and enjoyable warm weather weekend!!

And alright, since it’s Friday I’ll give it to you 🙂

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