Friday Five: In the Name of Love…

#TGIF and Happy Valentine’s day!!  Personally, I think you should give and spread love everyday but there is nothing wrong with a special day to highlight it.  We mentioned last week that today’s Friday Five would be LOVE themed so join us!keepcalmloveNaturally my biggest love is running – an activity I’m not engaged in at the moment.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it (oh, I don’t know, constantly!)  Today I’m giving you 5 “running” things I’m loving this week.

1.  “Run”, by Pink.  I absolutely love Pink and I absolutely love this song.  It’s from her Truth About Love album.  I heard it on Pandora many months ago and tried to find it for download, wanting it on my running playlist immediately.  Turns out it was only available on a Target exclusive CD.  I couldn’t locate it in the stores and gave up.  I heard it again two weeks ago reigniting my interest so searched online and found it.  Can’t. stop. listening.  PhotoGrid_13923283749102.  Asics GT-2170.  These were my favorite pair of running shoes EVER.  I wore them for probably longer than I should have but have since moved on to other pairs.  After my foot injury I discovered the shoes I had were part of the problem (more on that in a later post) so decided to go back to what I loved and what worked best for me.  After an online search they turned up on Amazon (so I guess you could say I love Amazon too!) and I snagged them!PhotoGrid_1392328210877     2b.  since I’m talking about shoes, as a ZOOMA Annapolis ambassador these hot pink numbers arrived this week from race sponsor Altra.  I’m SO excited to give them a whirl.  PhotoGrid_13923283095353.  SNOW!!  Say what, Mar?!  Yes, DC got pummeled with about 8 inches (or more) of snow Thursday and it shut down the district.  Where’s the love part, Mar?  Well, SNOW DAY!!  Lounging, coffee, PJ’s, movies and an afternoon bike ride and ab work with the exercise ball.  I may not be able to run right now but nice to have alternatives.  That and I love leisure.  snowexercise4.  Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation 5K.  Registration opened this week for their 5k event which I participated in last year.  This organization is near and dear to my heart as I was part of a team of friends who were supporting my friend’s father – a colon cancer survivor.  We’ve begun to talk about getting our team together for this years event (whether I walk or run is TBD).  Their awareness campaign slogan is “Love Your Butt”.  Yes, I have the T-shirt… C4L5.  I LOVE YOU.  Seriously, the amount of love I have received since developing this injury has been incredible.  I appreciate the positive vibes and healing thoughts you have all sent my way.  To me this is just a minor setback and my hope is that I’ll be back and ready to run again soon.  So much to look forward to!!

Don’t forget to enter my ToiletTree Bag Giveaway and stay tuned for next weeks birthday giveaway!!  If you have plans for Valentine’s Day – enjoy yourselves!!  And if you are Valentine-less, well – spread some love anyway 🙂

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  1. I have not heard that song from Pink! I must check it out. I have those exact same Altras and I pretty much love them. Make sure you read the box and any info that came with them. Because they are zero drop you will want to wear them for short runs at first and rotate them with your regular running shoes. You will feel calf pain the first few times! I know that doesn’t sound fun, right! Have a great weekend!
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  2. I LOVE my ASICS GT-2170 too. They are the only brand I will wear. They still sell them on an online running store where I constantly purchase. I’ve tried other brands and this one is the ONLY one that works well for me. I must try and find and listen to the Pink song “RUN”. Sounds inspiring.
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