Friday Five: Fitness Truths about Nutrition

I am still riding the endorphin train from my half marathon on Sunday.  I was so happy to have met the goals I set for myself.  Of course, I could never have done so without 2 things:  an increase in my fitness activity and proper nutrition. I mentioned in a post several weeks ago I was starting the first two weeks of the 12 Weeks to Fabulous program offered through Get Lean Life, LLC.  My two weeks ended just before Pittsburgh and since getting back into shape for this race (and more!) was my primary motivation, I thought now would be an appropriate time to check in about it.  DC_linkupToday’s Friday Five with Cynthia, Courtney and me is about our “Fitness Truths”.  I admit I was a little unsure about this one but we go majority rules here 😉 .  Kidding, but themes are simply a prompt so my fitness truths are about nutrition and a review of what I learned from two weeks of 12 Weeks to Fabulous!

truth TRUTH:  My coffee addiction is actually a cream and sugar addiction.

The program limits dairy and instructs no refined sugars or processed foods.  Before I formally started I began to drop my sugar packets down to could get used to it, and it wasn’t terrible!  I now have managed to cut white sugar out from my cup completely and replaced with just a packet of Truvia and maybe a splash of half and half (a girl needs a half).  I do not like Greek yogurt (I know) and am allergic to almonds so no non-dairy milks for me but I feel this can be done in moderation.

TRUTH:  Meal prepping is my Achilles heel.

My issue isn’t the time or the art of making the meals, it’s what to cook.  I’m not a big foodie and I never know what I want until I want it.  What was helpful is the program guide contained a food list and some sample meals.  I improvised my meal prep routine to make meals every few days instead of just one big week long prep.  I also came up with my own spin on the meal samples and recipes provided to follow my taste.  I made sure to keep things like snap peas, strawberries, and apple slices handy for grab and go snacks.  On days I didn’t bring anything, and trust me that happened (we call it life!) I at least had access to a Whole Foods nearby to grab some salad bar items and snacks to get me through.  I’m a relatively healthy eater so there was never any temptation to say forget it and go to McDonald’s (ew).

TRUTH:   I hate breakfast.

Yes I said it. I am never hungry when I first wake up in the am.  I know it’s the most important meal of the day but I did struggle a bit with this.  One thing I did is take one of the recipes provided and make egg muffins (egg, egg whites, and veggies).  I mixed the ingredients, used southwestern style veggies, poured into muffin pans and baked in the oven.  So fast and easy and I could pop one in a container and just grab it the next morning along with a side of  fruit and a slice of Ezekiel bread.  My other easy meal was simply 2 hard boiled eggs, side of fruit, slice of Ezekiel bread.  There were a couple of days in there I was exhausted or running late and didn’t have time to grab and go so would make a protein shake instead.  Totally worked for me!  And to go back to truth #1, eating breakfast has decreased my coffee intake.

TRUTH I know more than I give myself credit for.

Quite frankly the Polar Vortex + Foot brace brought me down.  I wasn’t able to do what I was used to and could care less about what and how I was eating.  Once I got back into a fitness routine and my strength and endurance levels rose, I was more motivated to eat better and fall back into old better habits.  I realized too that I already buy a lot of foods on the list, eat lean meats – live on turkey – and unlimited veggies was a huge plus.  It gave me an opportunity to try some things and you can add me to the list of Brussel Sprouts band wagoners!

TRUTH:  I have issues with portion control. 

I do not eat 3 square meals a day.  Even though the food I select is “good” food I can’t say I would consume meals consistently.  The program suggests eating every 2-3 hours in an effort to speed up your metabolism.  I had the hardest time with this initially due to understanding portion size and consuming too much at times.  The program recommends 3 oz of protein, unlimited veggies, 1/2 cup of fruit and 1/2 cup of starch for the first 2 meals then no more fruit with meals and only one more starch and healthy fat once a day.  Once I played around a bit with likes and dislikes I got used to this progression of eating.    drumrollAnd the results?  Well… I’ve lost 5 pounds since this started in mid-April and the work pants that were starting to snug up on me are now resting comfortably.  I’ve got more energy which has helped me in ramping up the fitness and my injury is a thing of the past (yay).  I can see and feel myself getting stronger and know this made a big difference.  GLLI’ll check in with Marina on what next steps might be and if it makes sense to continue 10 more weeks but I definitely benefited from trying it out.  It’s easy to follow, Marina sends frequent check in notes and I do feel GOOD!  I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get a handle on their nutritional habits or lose weight.

Change doesn’t have to be scary you just have to be patient and willing to put in the work!!  My 2:10 half marathon just proved that 🙂

What are some of your fitness truths??  How do you try to stay on track?  TGIF everyone!

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  1. Girl, you did so great. I am happy that you met your marathon goals and kept up with your nutrition!!! Nutritional cleansing is the way to go….real food will get you real and sustainable results!!! Super proud of you!!! As a thank you for your great review, all your readers who mention your name, will get 50% off our 12 WEEKS TO FABULOUS program!!!! Just email me at!!!!
    Can’t wait to chat soon!

  2. Nice! I am really good at portion control during the week for work – I weigh out my portions and package my meals. On the weekend, or with certain foods, on the other hand, I tend to binge (or it seems like it to me). Some foods are trigger foods for me I think, and I need to not have them in the house, but I hate adding one more restriction to my already-very-restricted food options.
    M @ recently posted…Friday Five – Five Fitness TruthsMy Profile

  3. Yay for another brussel sprouts fan 🙂 My husband still won’t eat them but I made a batch for myself to eat throughout the week. I definitely struggle with portion control too. Tracking what I eat has helped with that issue and I’ve been trying to be more diligent about that.
    Chaitali recently posted…Friday Five Fitness TruthsMy Profile

  4. I am not a breakfast eater either … it isn’t so much that I’m not hungry (although often I’m not), it’s just that I feel like if I eat breakfast, that’s another 300-400 calories in my day. I don’t eat less later if I eat early, and I really struggle keeping calories in check. Everything with the eating is a struggle for me. I plan on joining the linkup, but my focus is on fitness, as that is easy for me. The eating … arrrrgggg. I’m not sure I’m ever going to master that!
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    1. I really hate it. Which is why I have been doing it every few days instead of one haul. I find I end up not wanting the same thing by the end of the week!

  5. I have cut out so much sugar (through the 21 Day Sugar Detox) and it has helped so much. Improved energy (and I already had a lot), deeper sleep, less bloat… even cutting back somewhat can have a huge difference.

    I love Brussel Sprouts too ! Thanks for this week’s theme.
    Karen – Fit in France recently posted…Friday Five : Five Fitness TruthsMy Profile

    1. That’s great! I don’t think I needed a sugar detox necessarily. I’m not big on sweets but my coffee habit was outta control! 🙂 glad you linked up!

  6. Great job, Mar! I’m with you on meal prepping. It takes a lot of work, but when I actually do it, I eat SO much better. I know I have a problem with portion control too. I just refuse to measure things out. I will loosely track what I eat, but I can’t write down every single quantity. Thanks for going along with the theme even if you weren’t really feelin’ it 🙂
    Michele @ A Pace of Balance recently posted…My 5 Fitness TruthsMy Profile

  7. Sounds like a great program! Congrats on the progress and on learning so muc! Have you tried cinnamon in your coffee? I don’t need any sweetener if I have cinnamon. My biggest problem is definitely portion control. I tend to eat healthy food in unbelievable quantities. Oh well, working on it. Thanks for hosting 🙂
    Amanda H recently posted…Five Fitness TruthsMy Profile

    1. I wasn’t so tired at the beginning because I had already started ramping up my workout activity. I don’t eat a lot of sugar in general, it’s more the in my coffee (3 times a day!) thing 😉

    1. yep. It’s my downfall! But it’s gotten a lot better. Strangely, I don’t eat a lot of sweets off hand. It’s just the coffee thing I go overboard on!

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