Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Run ZOOMA!

Today’s Friday Five theme (or prompt) was “5 reasons to …”.  Since I am 2 weeks out to my next race I thought it would be a perfect time to highlight ZOOMA Women’s Race series.  I along with my fellow DC Trifecta pals, Courtney and Cynthia are ambassadors for the Annapolis race on Saturday, May 31.  Here are my 5 Reasons to Run ZOOMA

1.  It’s perfect for a race-cation!!  ZOOMA defines itself as a girlfriends getaway (never fear guys can run too!) whose mission is to inspire women to live healthy, happy, & active lives.  With awesome locales like Chicago, Cape Cod, Annapolis and Napa Valley – just to name a few – and a weekend schedule of events it’s a great way to see one of these happening cities with friends.

2.  The Swag.  First off, the sponsors:  zoomaAnd each runner gets a reusable bag, technical tee, a pair of Feetures! brand socks (and since I’m a Feetures Ambassador, you know I’m all about those!) which is valued at over $50.  You get your money’s worth on this series!  The medal this year ain’t bad either!  ZOOMA medal3.  The After Party and festival.  From what I recall the last time I ran a ZOOMA race, the expo/packet pickup isn’t huge.  The true selling point is Barefoot Bubbly and Massages at the finish!  They also have vendors and food a plenty, live music, etc.  What more could you ask for after running 13.1 miles?

4.  Racing options.  Most locations have a half marathon and 10K option.  But there are select cities with a 5K in addition to or instead of the 10K.  So if you’re not quite up to the half, you still get all the experience and fun with the gals that ZOOMA is known for!  I ran the Annapolis 10K in 2012 and simply loved it.  I’ll be owning the half in 2 weeks time (I can see the future).

5.  Um, you might get to meet me, duh.  ZOOMA AmbassadorsI am SO excited to see these ladies, and Lisa and Courtney and Sue and more – in a couple of weeks.  And that could be YOU too!  The price increases tomorrow (May 17) so don’t delay and register today (yes, it’s been that kind of week…)  For 10% off your registration for any distance race, use code ANNAMB14 (please note, this is for Annapolis only!)

Hope to see you on May 31st!  Has anyone run ZOOMA before?  Will I see you in Annapolis?  If not, what’s your next race?!  TGIF!!

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  1. I wish Zooma Annapolis were earlier in the year – it can be so hot by then!

  2. Sounds like a great race series which seem to be increasingly popular. A year ago I never heard of it but this year it seems everyone is talking about it. Have a great time!

  3. Runcation? Swag? You? Convincing arguments.

  4. I will be there too! I have done it a few times and love it. It was my first half a few years ago. Due to recent injury I will be doing the 10k this year. Having missed all of my spring races this year, I’m so excited to be there!

  5. Haha, I almost did the same post 🙂 Can’t wait to finally meet you!

  6. I agree with Coco, wish Annapolis were earlier. I’ve never run a race there but hear it’s pretty. I’d love to run ZOOMA, I think the energy of an all-women’s race would be fun. I don’t hang around for the parties, but good swag is always a plus.

    • it’s beautiful! I don’t go there nearly enough. I’m weather stalking and it shouldn’t be too bad then. either way I don’t care, it’s a fun race!

  7. This looks so fun. I’m out of town this year but am hoping to add it to next year’s list!

  8. I’ve seen Zooma all over the place. I see now I may need my own run-cation and get with the program. Sounds like a lot of fun and I would love to meet you one day Mar. 🙂

  9. I LOVE Zooma!!! This is my first year as an ambassador and I can’t wait for our race here in Napa Valley!! The swag is off the hook and this will be my very first half marathon 🙂 Have fun

  10. Looks like such a fun race! I’m going to make it a goal to sign up next year! Have a great time!

  11. Those Zooma series races always look so much fun! I think the closet one to me is in san diego?!
    I have no races coming up! Just ran my 8th half a couple weeks ago and PR’d which was super exciting!
    Have fun !!

    • Yeah, that’s the one thing – they are a small organization so aren’t in too many cities but maybe they’ll expand some more. If not, road trip!! 🙂

  12. I wish I was participating in a Zooma race this year, but unfortunately it is not in the cards. The swag and parties and of course meeting you girls would make Annapolis the perfect choice too!

  13. I want to do the one in January in Florida. That’s my birthday weekend and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate.

  14. You have NO IDEA how much I wish I was doing Zooma! If it wasn’t the weekend after Potts, I’d be there in a minute. It sounds like it’s going to be such a fun race!

    My next race is next weekend. 🙂

  15. Ooh sounds like fun! Hope you have a great race 🙂

  16. yes 100% — although i gotta be honest…this race (plus ya know everything else going on) kinda snuck up on me. lol – it’s a fun run though so i’m looking forward to it 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ll be honest – me too I was so focused on Pittsburgh and recovery. I’ve only run twice since the half. This is just gonna be fun! no expectations at all.

  17. I’ll have to add one of those to my race wish list!

  18. I so wish we weren’t going to be out of town the weekend of ZOOMA Annapolis. Next year I’m definitely making this race a priority!

  19. I wish ZOOMA would come to NYC!

  20. I’m so bummed that I can’t do ZOOMA this year. (Well, I haven’t completely ruled it out, but it’s not looking good). I think I’ve ran a total of 4 miles in May and can’t really justify spending money on a race entry when running a mile has been hurting so bad lately! I know you guys are going to have a great time though! It’s a fantastic race!

  21. I’d love to do Zooma but we will have family in town that weekend. Sounds like a fantastic time! Hope you all have a great race!

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