Friday Five: Places I’d Like to Run

Another week, another Friday Five.  You guys have all been so awesome with the linkup!! Cynthia, Courtney and I have enjoyed the weekly posts from our “regulars” and glad to see SO many new “faces”!  And YES, we read every. single. one.  This week our Friday Five is all about places we’d like to run.  run

I’ve run along the trails and terrain of Santa Barbara, along the skyline of Chicago, the backdrop of Pittsburgh, Boston’s streets and the historic roads of D.C.  From North Carolina to Texas there are so many places I have been fortunate enough to visit as much as my budget and feet would allow.  But this world is a BIG place and there are definitely many more!!  Not all on this list are necessarily for a race-cation but… I think I need some time off STAT!

1.  Madrid, Spain.  Believe it or not for someone who travels as often as I do I have never traveled out of the country (Canada excluded and *hangs head in shame*).  First and foremost on my must see list is Spain.  I have been eying Rock n’ Roll Madrid for awhile now and after seeing my buddy Helly’s post on her experience there (and my ensuing jealousy!) it has shot to the top of my race bucket list.   MadridIt is scheduled for next April which gives me plenty of time to plan!!  So… any takers??  The only downside is the Pittsburgh half is the following weekend.  (hmm, I am a Half Fanatic after all 😉 .

2.  New England.  I spent many years running in Boston on the banks of the Charles River.  I also ran a race or two in Hyannis and Plymouth.  This was a time before running/racing/racecationing went hand in hand for me!  I’d love to get back to New England and actually, run, race, and explore more of the Cape and shores of the smaller states like Rhode Island and New Hampshire – places I called “home” for so long.

3.  Bermuda.  I love all things ocean and water in general (that’s the Pisces in me).  Virginia Beach and Outer Banks are the closest I’ve come to beach running but the opportunity to run in such a paradise as Bermuda would be heavenly!!  Mar might be going broke in 2015 😉

Grotto Bay Resort - host hotel

Grotto Bay Resort – host hotel

4.  Santorini, Greece.  Ahh, this is my idea of heaven for sure.  I had a landlord in Boston who was from Greece and would spend considerable time in the summer back “home”.  I’ve wanted to go there for a loooooong time!  I came across this article in Runner’s World about a 6 mile path between Fira and Oia on the Island.  Um, yes please!

Source: Runners World

Source: Runners World

5.  Great Falls, VA.  This is a bit of a cheat move.  I have never been to Great Falls and it’s on my list to go hiking there sometime soon.  I’ve also really gotten into trail running the past year and signed up for the North Face Endurance Challenge in a couple of weeks.  awqqoi63I’m scheduled to do the 10K (because I learned my lesson on June trail half marathons!) and because I wanted a shorter race to be able to enjoy some of the sights after.  The course runs on the Potomac Heritage Trail and I’m hopeful to get in a little waterfall viewing fun!

TGIF folks!  Make sure you spread the Friday Five love and visit some new blogs and interesting posts.  Where is the most exciting place you’ve ever run?  What are your Memorial Day weekend plans??  DC_linkup

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  1. Wow, that path in Greece looks amazing! I had no idea RnR did races outside the US.

  2. Wow, that’s quite a list. The only one I probably would get to do is the one in VA…lol

  3. All great locations. I grew up in NH/Boston and have run a handful of times along the Charles, but I wasn’t a big runner then. I’d love to go back and do some running up there myself. You will love running down in Great Falls, I did the NFEC last summer and it was awesome!

    • Love New England, simply love it. I’ll be there this summer as per usual, just not around a race (I don’t think). I’m really excited for NFEC!!

  4. I’ve got 12 hours in Brussels on Monday but think the only run I have any chance of getting in would be 30 min on the hotel treadmill — if there is one. 🙁

  5. Great list! Best link up yet – I’m loving everyone’s lists and adding races to my list LOL.

  6. I guess we’re going to Greece together! Madrid just got added to my list. I’ve been to Southern Spain it’s gorgeous

  7. Bermuda is on my list too!! I am DYING to do the Bermuda Triangle Challenge. And New England is also sorta on my list…Boston to be exact. I love love love this topic – I’m getting so many ideas just reading everyone’s post. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Mar!

  8. Wow, what a list! Where is the endless money genie so that we can all run these amazing races! Bermuda looks especially appealing!

  9. Spain looks absolutely beautiful! And running on the beach looks like a great time too! I hope you have a nice holiday weekend!

  10. Nothing wrong with putting VA on there. I keep hearing about it but haven’t actually gone there yet either, and I’ve lived here for 5 years. I feel like a bit of a slacker. Haha.

  11. Those look AWESOME. I said DC, but Great Falls looks beautiful to run at.

    • I’m going to have to spread my vacations out over a couple of years but yes, I want to get to an international destination soon. Looking forward to Great Falls!!

  12. Great list! I hope you do get to do Spain someday–I know you’ll love it!

  13. Oh and I kinda wish I woulda linked up with you guys this time–great Friday 5 topic!!

  14. Yes love all your choices. I’m a big weenie and have never really wanted to travel outside of the US but after reading your places to run I may just put on my big girl panties and plan a trip! lol

    • my problem is I’ve always hated flying. I’ve slowly gotten over that over the years and realize what I’ve missed out on! So, an internationalling (not a word, don’t care) we will go!

  15. That Madrid photo is gorgeous!

    Hadn’t thought of trying a trail 10k. Good idea! (there aren’t that many of them are there?) Would love to do a TNF race. Timing off for me this year but maybe next year.

    • it is gorgeous – that’s the Palace de Communicado an old postal service building. I’m looking forward to TNF and was so excited about the 10k option. Had to snag it!

  16. Those all sound gorgeous, but I think the Greece one is the most amazing! I’ve never been but would really like to go. Thanks for the linkup!

  17. greece sounds awesome! gotta start saving my pennies 🙂

  18. I would love to visit Greece or Bermuda!

  19. Mar,
    Great list!
    Greece was on my list too! A different spot, though, that I picked for the views & not so much an excellent running spot. I’m a sucker for that beautiful blue water!!

  20. Great list! I’d enjoy a trip to all of those places. Adding in some runs/races would be the cherry on top of that sundae 😉 Spain is beautiful… I’ve only been to Barcelona, but I looooved it. Reading all of the posts on this subject is making my extremely long list even longer! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • I’d love to visit Barcelona too! I’ve discovered so many new places because of this post 🙂 I hope to be running or a loooooong time! haha! You have a great weekend too.

  21. I hadn’t even thought about Greece. That’s a stunning place to run. Wow! Great List!

  22. Ahhh I don’t know which one I want you to do first, they all look amazing! I really want to do the Disney Wine and Dine haha! Love running for some food and booze.

    • I signed up for that last fall but my plans fell through. I never deferred my registration (total bummer). I’m done w/Disney for awhile – so much more to explore!

  23. I’ve heard so much about Spain, I definitely would add that to my iist of places where I’d like to run.

  24. I also really want to run in New England, especially in the fall! It’s so pretty up there! And I’ve hiked Great Falls National Park and totally loved it – the views are awesome and there’s really nice places to run there. I hope you’re able to run in a lot of these places soon!

  25. GREECE – yes! Also one of my top places to see!

  26. That picture of Greece sure is tempting. WOW! And Bermuda reminds me of Jamaica. My top 5 runs all included what foods I would enjoy post race. I could only imagine the goodies in your destinations.

  27. I’m back!! The path in Greece looks amazing!! Hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend. I am enjoying the “emptier” (although not as empty as I thought) DC.

  28. My 5 would be: Marathons in NYC, Chicago, Paris, London, & the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike.

  29. Uhm I’ll join you for Spain, Bermuda and Greece! Amazing!
    Kind of tempted with the Great Falls run too. Great list, has me wishing I had an endless travel budget!

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