Friday Five: What’s In My Gym Bag?!

Happy Friday peeps and Happy Race Day Eve for all my ZOOMA Annapolis runners!!  I am looking forward to some FUN tonight and what is shaping up to be a beautiful day for a race 🙂

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

Today’s Friday Five we asked the question, “What’s In YOUR Gym Bag?!”  I can’t wait to read the posts on this one!  Please join me, Cynthia and Courtney as we delve into the good, the “bag” and the ugly (see what I did there?)  DC_linkup

For starters, there are definitely more than 5 things in my bag.  The contents also tend to vary based on the focus of my workout (cardio, strength, yoga, etc).  So, I am skipping the sort of “obvious” things like shirt, pants, sports bra and shoes (besides, I’m a shoe hoarder and I couldn’t pick just one, the other pairs would be jelly!)     WhatsInTheBag

1. Lip Balm.  For some reason I cannot keep enough moisture on my lips, regardless of the weather (so if anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears!)  But, my favorite lip balm is without a doubt, Burt’s Bees.  I buy them in packs and keep one in every purse, bag, jacket (and car) that I own.  It’s a sickness really.


2.  Face wipes.  Since I’m on the Burt’s Bees bandwagon I use their moist towelettes immediately post workout or run.  It can take me several minutes to get home and settled for a shower so I make sure to have a pack always in my bag.

3.  Water Bottle.  I love Camel Bak’s and have a few of them, but also have random label water bottles strewn about the house (ok, not literally).  But like lip balm, I keep one everywhere. On my desk, in the car, on the nightstand, coffee table, gym bag.  I drink water like it’s going out of style. (never)  CamelBak

4.  Recovery Snack.  Much like the towelettes, it can take me awhile to get home and settled post workout.  Showering is the first thing I do when I enter the house so sometimes food needs to wait.  While I’m traveling home I like to keep a snack handy to tide me over and start the recovery process.  Lately I’ve been loving Kind Bars so always have them on hand.  Kind Bars

5.  iPod.  Duh.  I cannot get through a gym workout without my tunes!!  Ok, I could but I don’t wanna.  I recently bought a new iPod Shuffle (do you sense the blue theme here?) as it’s easier than dealing with an armband or resting my phone on the machine.  I love making fun playlists based on my workouts.  ???????????????????????????????

What are some of your gym bag essentials?  Anyone running or racing this weekend?  TGIF!!!!

56 thoughts on “Friday Five: What’s In My Gym Bag?!

  1. Lip Balm YES!!!! I also need to remember to add that to my hospital bag as babys due date is getting closer !

  2. Oh I totally need to get those Burts Bees towelettes. I love their products. Right now I use my toddlers baby wipes. Huggies anyone? LOL. An iPod shuffle is a great idea. When I am out solo I love to have my music but armbands are so ANNOYING! I think one of my nieces/nephews may have one laying around I can borrow (keep)
    MJ recently posted…Friday Five Link Up: Five Things In My Gym BagMy Profile

    1. I won’t lie, until I discovered them I do keep baby wipes in the glove compartment of my car (I have no babies). Yes, I tried with the arm band but in addition to being uncomfortable – runners tan 🙁

    1. lol, not weird at all. And my gym isn’t that far away from my house so sometimes I don’t even bring it and always have the essentials on me. Coming from work is a different story 😉

  3. Have a great race! I’m also a lover of lip balm – you can find them everywhere in my house and in all of my bags. If I leave the house and don’t happen to have one, it’s a very upsetting day haha. Great list… all things I also enjoy 🙂 I like Burt’s Bees lip balm, but have never tried their towelettes. I’ll have to add that to my list of things to try. Have a great weekend!
    Heather Runs Thirteen Point One recently posted…friday five: five things in my gym bagMy Profile

  4. I don’t actually go to the gym (I know, gasp!) but only because I live in the land where I can workout outdoors pretty much year-round.

    I recently wrote this post about my 5 Running Essentials (which would be in a gym bag if I were running from somewhere other than my home) The sunscreen I featured is the BEST I’ve ever used… Enjoy!
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  5. YES! A fellow lip balm fanatic. I have multiple is all my bags, jackets & my car and yet I some how will find myself at some point during the year without one when I desperately need it. THE WORST.

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