Friday Five – Randomness Exposed

Occasionally the DC Trifecta either runs out of ideas or is too busy to think of a theme – it’s hard work people!  No matter, that’s what “Free Friday” is all about!  Join Cynthia, Courtney and me this and every Friday – we love having you all!!  I haven’t been able to speak in coherent sentences for days now anyway (heard it’s a full moon and work is cray) so it’s good to have these weeks where I can just get whatever randomness is on my mind – out of it.

See? Random, funny.

See? Random, funny.

First things first I want to extend a hearty BEST WISHES to my BRF Courtney on her wedding weekend.  So excited for her!!  Go on over and give her some pre-wedding love!! tell her Mar sent you 🙂

ONE:  A week ago today I was excited for my first trip ever to a winery for a wine tasting.  It was girls night out and my girlfriends and I went to Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton, VA.  We brought cheese, crackers and grapes with us and our night began with a sampling of seven wines (uh huh) starting with a Chardonnay, 3 additional  whites, a Rose and 2 reds.  I’ve known these gals since elementary school (read: long ass time) and it was a great night with lots of laughter and catching up as well as a promise to do this more often!


Speaking of wineries, Lindsey mentioned to me the Boordy Vineyard 5K  in mid August. It begins at 6 pm and ends at wine o’clock… You had me at run then wine.  I have every intention of signing up (never mind I’ll just be returning from a west coast trip!) and I’m totally making this a thing – so get to registering DC runners!!  winemagnet_largeTWO:  Since I’m on the subject of wine (ha!) I am really looking to get back on track both with my fitness and nutrition.  Several weeks ago I was given the next phase of the Get Lean Life program.  Since then *crickets*.  I am definitely not as focused as I should be.  With several trips coming up I don’t want to lose sight of my goals.  I have a good month before I need to start marathon training (eek!) and in that time running will be minimal.  I really want to work on strength and getting into optimal shape. Personal training is still going strong twice a week but I want to add another day or two of strength plus XT into my summer plan in lieu of the runs.

THREE:  I know absolutely nothing about soccer (is Pele still a thing?) but will do my best to care about the World Cup for the next 30 days.  But for real, how much do I love the Google homepage Doodle?  Just too cute:  Google

FOUR:  In case you missed it… I was featured on Episode 183 on the Lifestyle Accountability Show last week.  mar-ontherun-badgeThe podcast is available through iTunes (and check out the popularity on that baby!) or follow this link.  It was SO fun to participate and glad I got the opportunity!!

FIVE:  Lastly, Happy Father’s Day weekend!! I’ll be spending the weekend in Pittsburgh visiting my own father and look forward to the family time!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Any fun random musings from your week?  Will you be watching the World Cup?DC_linkup

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab time with the Wine Tasting.

    I’m not a fan of any types of Alcoholic Drinks and very rarely drinks except for a few sips on special occasions.

    I’m not a fan of the football either and I am not looking forward to the next 30 days of football. Fortunately enough, we have a couple of TVs in the house so I can sneak into another room so I don’t have to endure it. 😉
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