Friday Five: It’s Like a Heat Wave!

Happy Friday all!  On the eve of the first official day of Summer, Cynthia, Courtney and I couldn’t think of any better topic than heat.  We in the DC area experienced a monumental heat wave this week with temps in the high 90s for several days.  The Polar Vortex appears to be a thing of the past.  What a glorious indication of what this summer will be! (I need an app for sarcasm…)

No matter – we’re here to help you cool off with this week’s Friday Five 5 Ways to Beat the Heat” (you’re welcome).  Our themes can be interpreted in many ways, which is the beauty of this link up.  We always like reading what you guys come up with.  I just went with a general approach.tmp_PhotoGrid_14031505218399337528081.  Workout indoors.  My running continues to be minimal for a couple more weeks as I fully rest the foot.  But even so, being outside in this heat and humidity is not attractive.  There are plenty of ways to keep up with fitness and get your sweat on with indoor activities.  And did my trainer really Tweet at me this week to do block runs?  C’mon Jake!

2.  Take in a movie.  This is one of my favorite activities when it’s hot outside.  I love hitting Saturday matinees.  I haven’t actually been to the movies in awhile but recall getting a random early dismissal from work last summer, hopping on the metro and taking in a late afternoon showing of Despicable Me 2 (yes, I am a little big kid). Pure awesomeness.

3.  Froyo.  Do I really need to explain this?  How about I depict it for you:tmp_PhotoGrid_1403150184289-2468310094.  Early to bed, early to rise.  Marathon training will commence for me in late July, though the high mileage won’t really start until August / September.  That gives me some time to acclimate to the weather but it will be early morning runs for me when the time comes! (help us all…)

5.  Water.  Now when I say water I mean drink it, douse in it, dip in it – all of the above.  When spending considerable amounts of time outside – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Even if you aren’t outside it’s important to keep hydrating.  Go the beach, hang by the pool, go back to being 6 and jump through a sprinkler.  I can guarantee these will be just a few of the sights I’m taking in this summer: tmp_PhotoGrid_1403150130713447610131How do you plan on beating the heat this summer??  Who has fun outdoor plans this weekend? P.S. don’t forget my giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Scott James Sport Jewelry ends Sunday! Enter here.


56 thoughts on “Friday Five: It’s Like a Heat Wave!

  1. These are great ideas! We saw lots of movies when we lost power after the derecho 2 summers ago. I’ve never seen the movie theater so crowded on a Saturday afternoon as it was that first day!
    Coco recently posted…How To Beat The HeatMy Profile

  2. Yes, very relevant theme this week! I’m a very hot runner (I never complained while running outside during the polar vortex!) so this topic has really been on my mind lately. Love these tips, and I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say. And hey, maybe only spring was bad and summer will be cooler (ha ha).
    Jennifer @ Running on Lentils recently posted…Top Five Summer Running TopsMy Profile

  3. So excited to be linking up with you guys today! I just have to take a couple more pictures to finish my post and it will be up.

    My fun outdoor plans for the weekend will be at the Fit Foodie 5K. Wish you were joining us!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Run. Eat. Drink.My Profile

  4. Yowzas, that’s quite the heat wave! Wonderful tips – I especially love number 3 and 5. I love it when sprinklers are out and on when I go for runs. I purposefully will go faster or slower just to make sure I can run through it 🙂 Number 4 is certainly a great idea… but I hate early mornings! Haha.

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