Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

Several months ago we did Fitness Snapshots for Friday Five. Β It was SO much fun we’d thought we’d bring it back this week. Β My first week of marathon training was a little off. I was at the National Harbor in MD for 2 days for a work retreat so moved the bulk of my training to the weekend (and there may have been a Beyonce/JayZ concert in there). Getting to 5 was certainly more of a challenge, but hey – I got a post out of it anyway πŸ˜‰ . Β DC_linkup

Join me, Cynthia and Courtney with your Fitness Snapshots and tell us how your week went! TGIF!!!!



foamrolltreadmillrun4milerunAnd because the rest of my workouts have yet to come (including a training session Saturday and a long run Sunday) my final snapshot is a throwback to last Friday from the race photos for the Autism Speaks 5K:Β AutismSpeaks5k

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  1. OMG – that last pic is so creepy and perfect!

  2. #2 is my fave, have to remember that!

  3. Great snapshots! Love the one with Woody!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I have been skipping rolling far too much recently. I just moved my foam roller next to my chair that I use every day. Maybe that will spur me on!

  5. I hope to do the Marine Corp marathon one day! I heard it is a great one! I will be doing my first this year in Philly!

  6. I think my foam roller has been collecting dust for too long. Love the picture of Woody!

  7. Haha I get #1…. totally singing the song now… with “squats” in it.

  8. How fun you got to run with Woody!! Your squats picture reminds me I need to really get better about consistent strength training!

  9. Love that race photo w Woody-how does he run in that thing?

  10. Oh, that run at the national harbor looks beautiful! I don’t think I’ve used the foam roller at all this week. I’ve got to get on that again.

  11. LOVE your pics!! And that last one from the race is awesome!

  12. Great pics from the week. And love the protection duty picture.

  13. Ahahaha I love all of them, but especially the last one. Also, MCM treadmill 3 miles twinsies! Are you following any specific plan (Higdon, Galloway, etc) or did you set your own? I’m doing Higdon and it looks like we’re having a similar week.

  14. Oh Lordy – I’d be running from inflatable man!!!

  15. we have to reschedule our wine time since frozen got rained out. i desperately need BRF catch up time!! πŸ™‚ good week, lady!

  16. Love that you did a race for Autism Speaks! I run for a buddy with Autism, and he is the BEST πŸ™‚ Love supporting great organizations!

  17. Hahahaha now I’m going to be singing SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS every time I’m at the gym!

  18. Great pics!!! I love changing lyrics around in my head when I’m working out – it gets me pumped up! Also, that 5K seems like a PR opportunity with that giant guy running behind you…very unnerving to see that chasing you!! πŸ™‚

  19. Love the last pic! I’m pretty sure I would’ve had a PR with that guy behind me!

  20. Great photos – such a fun link-up πŸ™‚ Good luck with your weekend training!

  21. ahhh I haven’t foam rolled in WAY too long. Thanks for the reminder!

  22. Great week! Reminds me that I HAVE to get back on the foam rolling wagon! I’ve been so lazy about it, but I’m starting to get some tweaks in my calves and knees because of it. And that last picture would have made me pass out!

  23. If that guy in the costume were coming up beside me in a race, I would freak out!

  24. I just realized you’re running Marine Corps. Me too! Awesome! πŸ™‚

  25. I definitely need to make time for my foam roller. My post is a compilation of different workouts and two throwbacks. LOL at the last pic. RUN!

  26. I need to roll more, I am the worst about remembering!

  27. Love it! I need to work on more fitness snapshots! Cool idea Mar!

  28. I have to rekindle my relationship with my foam roller. Lately I have been lazy about my daily roll session and it is showing. I’m so stiff! I need to remember to play along with your next fitness snapshot post – it’s fun!

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