Week 1: Done and Done

Last week was a bit of a blur.  I had a handful of work and personal commitments which made for a long week.  All that said Week 1 of marathon training is in the books… with only 15 more to go 😉 .  This week won’t be any better in the “being around” department as I’m heading to Boston at weeks end, but I’m looking forward to some coolers temps both in DC and in Beantown so trying to fit it all in will at least be more comfortable.

And it goes a little something like this:

Sunday:  Personal training w/Jake.  I’m up to 90 pound deadlifts and squats. That’s bad ass 🙂  and you can check out my fitness snapshots from last week here.

Monday:  REST and a date with Mr. and Mrs. Carter.  Beyonce_JayZ2

This was a FABULOUS show! even with terrible traffic to Baltimore and head hitting the pillow at 2 am (gulp).

Tuesday: 3 mile run.  26:40 on the treadmill.  I have said before I am not one of those “dreadmill” haters so I will be using this often for my shorter runs during the marathon training cycle to combat the DC humidity.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday:  4 mile run. 38:32 at 7 am!!! Yes, you heard that right.  I was off site Wednesday overnight and into early evening Thursday so met up with a colleague for a morning run.  I’ll be doing more of those too!

Friday:  REST. My body was done after 2 days of non stop work events so I worked from home and tried to relax and let myself catch up on much needed downtime.

Saturday: 30 minutes elliptical and upper body weight training

Sunday: 7 mile run. 1:04:54 on the treadmill.  Sunday was brutally HOT so I ended up on the treadmill for my long run of 7 miles.  I *think*.  I say that because I ran about a mile and a half before my hand accidentally hit the stop button and I had to start over, which I didn’t realize until the treadmill stopped moving (annoyed) and never looked at the time or mileage.  However, I was watching the extra time portion of the World Cup so I knew my general timeframe and distance.  I ran 5.5 officially to round it out. Oomph!  MarOnTheRun7


How are your training weeks going if you’re in process? Anything else fun to share? 🙂  Friday Five theme:  Friday Favorites!

26 thoughts on “Week 1: Done and Done

  1. I have been reading such great reviews of that show! That is exciting you got to go!

    And the treadmill is great for these hot summer months! 🙂

    1. haha, such a great show – though Baltimore is the pits… ugh. I saw that post about Boyz II Men. I saw them last summer w/New Kids but I’ll be in Cali this year so can’t go.

  2. Awesome for going to a show & staying out so late & still doing your run the next day. I’m pretty bad for missing out on fun stuff so I can rest up for the next day’s run, but fun things are just as important!
    Jennifer recently posted…My Speedy SpouseMy Profile

  3. Great week of workouts, especially given your crazy schedule! Way to go! I am in awe of your 7-miler on the treadmill; my PR is 11 miles, and that was ONLY because I was in the throes of marathon training and we had a snowstorm – ha! Great work, gal!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Running GroupsMy Profile

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