Week 3: A Few Good Men (Steelers!)

Ah yes, I have been counting down to this past weekend for a little while now:  Steeler’s Women’s Training Camp yinz (Pittsburgh-ese)!!  The recap follows (spoiler alert: it was FABULOUS!) but first… the rest of Week 3 in marathon training:

{Monday} personal training w/Jake {Tuesday} unplanned REST – so. very. tired. {Wednesday} 3 mile am run + personal training w/Jake in the pm – and a deadlift PR of 105 pounds, what what!! {Thursday} 4 mile run FAIL… the prior day’s 2-a-day proved to be too much. I got one mile in on the run and walked the mile back home. Shake it off. {Friday} REST and travel {Saturday} 8 mile run {12 total weekly miles}.

And that my friends, brings me to Sunday!  SteelersTrainingcampI got up at the ridiculous hour of 6:30 am (anything for my dudes) to travel to Latrobe, PA from Pittsburgh which is about an hour. The itinerary started around 8 am but before we were called to order, I had a little business to take care of, connecting with Steelers Kicker Shaun Suisham (feel free to swoon). ShaunHe was waiting to come in and so very nicely hung out and took pictures with a few of us!  The program itself started with the Steelers marketing director greeting us, introducing the current and alumni players who’d be leading our drills and running through the days itinerary.  My girls and I were in the green stars wristband group – together for the 3rd year in a row. Do I have to tell you the marketing director actually said to watch out for the “”Green Stars” group?  Nope, didn’t think so… we’ve made a name for ourselves 😉 .  After introductions we were led onto the field for stretching and calisthenics.

Photo source:  Steelers.com

Photo source: Steelers.com

We were split into 4 groups and would spend 45 minutes in each area, led by a Steelers player, then switch off until lunch at noon.  My group started with Greg Lloyd, former linebacker #95.  He led a prominent defense in the 90s and was tough on us – but hilarious.  Following defensive drills we moved on to offense with former running back, Barry Foster.  Also pretty tough but great.  Rounding out the day were offensive and defensive line drills with Tunch Ilkin and Keith Gary and our morning ended with kicking and punting.  At that point, Shaun Suisham had been called away so we missed him teaching us.  Lucky for me I snagged a pic early on! 🙂  Drills

After each drill we are able to take pictures with the players on the field.  So very cool! What other professional sports organization does this?!  The players are from top left Tunch Ilkin, middle Barry Foster, top right Greg Warren (current Steelers long snapper), bottom left Greg Lloyd, bottom right Keith Gary.

WomensTrainingCampAnd if you’re wondering why I’m cracking up in both bottom photos (never mind because I’m a super fun and hilarious individual) it’s because both of these gentlemen teased me for being short and graciously offered to “bend down” for my photo op.  HA!

At noon we went inside for lunch and autographs with the morning alumni players.  We are always treated so generously with food so picked up a bagged lunch consisting of a sandwich, potato salad, fruit salad, cookies, chips/popcorn, and unlimited supplies of cold beverages such as Pepsi, Gatorade, and water.

Seeing as this was our 3rd time attending we know how the flow of the day goes.  We ate quickly then made our way to the back room where they sign autographs. With over 300 women in attendance, you can imagine the line gets quite long!  We landed solidly in the front.  I had a Training Camp 2014 football I had the players sign to commemorate the day.


We skipped the afternoon portion of events which consisted of a highlights video and presentation (it’s essentially the same every year) in favor of naps and phone charging in the car!  Then it was time to head onto the field for a VIP view of practice from the sidelines.


left: Coach Mike Tomlin (yum) right: another of Kicker Shaun Suisham (double yum!)

Top: QB Big Ben! Bottom: RB Leveon Bell

Top: QB Big Ben!
Bottom: RB Leveon Bell

After many photo ops we left to get in line for current player autographs.  We never know who they are going to get as it’s dependent on availability so you basically just hang out in line.  We picked up our swag bags, completion certificates and got to meet Lawrence Timmons (defense #94) and LaGarette Blount (don’t know, don’t care – he played for the Patriots last year and was a huge a$$, #nofilter I was not impressed).

This was followed by dinner and I was waiting for my steak alllllll day!! Yes, STEAK!  So yummy.  Along with corn on the cob, pasta salad, baked beans and umm, cheesecake?! I worked out for 3 hours, I deserved that sweet potato cheesecake 😉 

It was overcast all day with little droplets periodically but the storms came as we departed.  Luckily we got in a full day of camp and an enjoyable experience beforehand. Outside of getting to meet the players for our favorite organization this is the best way to spend quality time with my girlfriends.  CampI can see us continue to make this an annual tradition for as long as they’ll have us!!  As for the Green Stars? Yeah, they saw us coming 🙂

Who’s a football fan?  Do you have a favorite team?

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  1. I have been waiting for this post!

    Is this an event that anyone can sign up to go to or do you need an invitation? Since I am a PA gal, I’d love to participate. Can you give me info when it comes around next year?

  2. I’m glad you had fun! Wish we coukd have met up.

    By looking at your pic, I can tell that Big Ben certainly didn’t do much cardio on the off season. Face palm. He’s so sloppy.

    1. it was a total blast!! the company is what really makes it great. And I’d consider it a major coup if I converted you – come on over to the bright side 😉 {BOO RAVENS!}

    1. haha, have your people call my people 😉 seriously, it’s always the last weekend in July – Sundays the past 2 years as soon as training camp opens! The registration info and announcement shows up online about a month prior.

  3. Um. Hello Shaun. Send him on over my way if you ever get the chance…. We won’t tell Alex. I love the picture of you standing next to him. And I would imagine that as the kicker he might not even be one of the BIG guys!
    I like to watch football (on TV, I need the distractions of commercials and people), but even though I grew up in the south, I’m not a big fan. You see, I grew up with the Falcons in the 90s…. Yes, I know that we got to the Super Bowl one year, and that was an exciting year. I was a Braves girl. My husband was born and raised on the Redskins. Pray for him , haha. What a cool opportunity!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Work Hard, Stay Humble, Be Social– Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

    1. right?! the man is a dream boat!! he is tall but definitely the slimmer of the group. Still, he’s fine as hell and his nick name (by the fans) is “sweet cheeks” lol… poor Alex, I live in Redskins territory so I feel for him! 🙂

  4. LOL at “ridiculous hour of 6:30”!!! Girl, I wake up at 4 on Saturdays to run!!

    That event looks amazingly awesome! You seriously have such cool things to do in your parts of the world! LOVE all the pics too!
    Helly recently posted…The 100 mile month!My Profile

  5. This is so cool! I had no idea you could do this. I’ve gone to Latrobe just to watch their training, and even that was cool. Are you doing the Steelers 5K on Sept. 1? It doesn’t fit into my training program (actually, that’s a question for Coach Mar–can you still do races if they don’t fit into your training program?) but I might do it anyway.
    Jennifer @ Running on Lentils recently posted…Five Tips for Organizing Fitness ClothesMy Profile

    1. We discovered it a few years ago and hooked ever since! Just keep your eyes on the website in late June. And I’ll answer your question on Monday! 🙂 I’m not doing the Steelers 5k because I’ll be in VA Beach.

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