Friday Five: Blogging Conference Love

TGIF party people!  Join me and my girls, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney at Eat Pray Run, DC this and every week for Friday Five shenanigans.  It’s the best day of the week! 😉  The theme for this week is “what I love about____.” FridayFive

I covered the workouts and the swag and the overall inspiration I gleamed from BlogFest last week so today I’m wrapping it up with a few things I loved and learned about my first blogging conference experience.

1.  Being a part of IDEA Fit Convention and having access to brands, products, and the expo.  Not only did this partnership bring more credibility to the Fitness Blogging conference but we (or at least I) felt fully immersed in the fitness community I blog so much about!  It was nice to be front and center with various vendors and try cool things and sample products… Total Body Board anyone? IdeaExpo

2.  Hearing from Jillian. Yes I know I covered this already but she was that amazing. Her TV persona is so different from what we got.  She was absolutely real and just all around positive.  I say often about blogging to know your why and that is the exact message she gave us, know your why, but also be prepared to work for what you want. “Every failure is an entry point for learning.”

3. The Business of Blogging.  This was one of the presentations on Day 2 and we heard from a lawyer who talked about some of the legal aspects of running a blog as a business, an accountant who walked us through managing finances and from Katy‘s presentation, working with ads to developing a media kit.  I could have listened to her all day as she had a lot of insightful tips to share.  Blogfest2If there was anything missing from this portion of the day it was more specificity as it relates to actual blogging finances, taxes, giveaways, and receiving products. Something for next time hopefully!

4. Putting names to faces!  I follow quite a few of you out there and while I’ve met many of my blogger buddies locally, it was great to meet and greet with people I’ve “seen” and follow online.

Oh hey, it's Nicole from Fitful Focus!

Oh hey, it’s Nicole from Fitful Focus!

I acquired a handful of business cards which I’ll be adding to my BlogLovin this weekend and gained several new Twitter followers. 🙂 Using social media while attending an event like this presents a great opportunity to connect and follow others in real time.  You didn’t do these things a decade ago!

5.  Validating some of my own knowledge. When you sign up for WordPress (or insert platform here) there is no handbook or welcome manual. You sort of learn things along the way, follow other bloggers, hopefully make friends and interact!  I’ve given blogging tips before here and the various presenters we heard from had a lot of similar things to say. It made me feel good to know that we’re all learning the same and we all have something to offer the blogging world in our own way.

P.S. – since we are on the spreading the love track, I need to give a shout out to a few blogging buds.  Kathryn, Nicole and Tiffany have all recently nominated me for a Very Inspired Blogger award. I don’t generally participate in those but appreciate the love! If you really want to know more about me you can read here, here or here 🙂 Or check out my gal Kelsey‘s Two Truths and a Lie post where I’m featured this month!

Who has big weekend plans? 

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    1. it’s definitely fun to put names to faces! we put so much of ourselves into our blogs it’s nice to seem like “real” people 🙂 and Jillian really is remarkable.

  1. Great stuff! I love getting the chance to meet blogging/Twitter pals in real life – it’s so nice to be able to put voices and your own mental picture to the people you’ve become so friendly with 🙂 I’d say my biggest plan is my 9 mile training run tomorrow. I hope the humidity goes away a little by then – it’s dreadful here in Chicago at the moment!
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    1. I know, that’s how I feel about getting to meet virtual friends! And boo to humidity. I hear we have low temps and rain this weekend so my 14 miler should be comfortable!

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