Friday Five: Racing Rituals

Happy Friday peeps! For this weeks Friday Five Cynthia, Courtney and I went with “Racing Rituals”. My first thought was – umm, I don’t have “rituals” per se. I follow a similar line of thinking but am not superstitious and don’t always have to eat the same or dress the same or carry that super secret lucky charm. I thought I’d give more of my thought process leading up to race day. road

1. Hydrating. For races on Sunday I start with additional hydration patterns on Thursday. Water is my substance of choice on a daily basis regardless but I increase my intake, namely with SmartWater (or Electrolyte 365 from Whole Foods) and also include at least one bottle of Gatorade each day.  252

2. Stretching. The evening before race day is spent in good company with my first love, Mr. Foam Roller. I also try to incorporate some yoga poses, namely downward down and cobra inversions.

3. Carb loading. I know some out there don’t do this, but I think it’s valuable. I always have some type of pasta with as little sauce as possible and often simply use olive oil.  I try to stay away from cream sauces, dairy, and heavy cheeses. And yes, I do include a beer 😉 carbs

4. Rest mode.  The day before the race is spent in as much relaxation mode as possible.  I try to get to bed earlier  than usual, though adrenaline always gets me and sleep can be restless.

5.  Flat Mar. Getting my gear together for the morning is always an important part of the racing process. Making sure I have fuel/fuel belt, Garmin, shoes, socks, bib, etc. I like to get to the start line as close as possible to gun time of the race so not much preparation is needed in the am (besides, I like sleep).  flatmar

TGIF!  What are some your pre-race preparations?  Any races this weekend?

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  1. Laying out the flat version of me is also one of my pre-race rituals.

    I need to work on hydrating and resting the day before a race, though. I seem to always do too much the day before.

  2. After having the wrong timing chip this past weekend. I’ve learned to put out flat me earlier in the day before the night before race day in case I have to make any changes at expo instead of hoping it will work out race more.

  3. The pre-hydrating is a great idea (I’ve recommended it to DH, he sweats a lot!). We drink SmartWater all the time – do you find the WF version better (or is it cheaper? we go to Costco for SW).

    Being off feet the day before the race is hard. Getting out of the expo quickly and ignoring the attractions of anywhere I might be for the race always seems like kind of a bummer (locked in the hotel room) but is the right thing to do, especially for longer races.

    Happy Friday!

  4. My pre-race ritual always includes a beer also!

  5. Nice! I completely forgot about hydrating – so important 🙂

  6. Most people do some version of a flat “insert your name here” but I do a stacked version, essentially. But I think that Stacked Suz might have the wrong connotations….

  7. I usually start really hydrating on Thursday too ( or even wednesday) but I recently read an article that said you should start earlier than that for a Sunday race!

  8. Water and Gatorade are on my list too and always the “flat” outfit. Happy Friday

  9. I forgot to put in my post that I always have a glass of wine and an epsom salt bath the night before a race!

  10. This is a great topic, especially with race season starting up again! Love your rituals, all good.

  11. Pre-hydrating is always the thing I have trouble remembering to do. Pre-run, pre-race it’s all the pre-same and pre-forgotten.

  12. I love Flat Mar!! 🙂 Not as much as regular Mar, but, you know… I love the picture of your pasta noodles, too…I think I need to start adding this to my ritual, as well. Thanks for sharing your list, Mar, and for this awesome link-up! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. I love “flat Mar” haha too cute!

  14. Pasta and beer. Sounds like my kind of pre-race ritual 🙂

  15. pasta or pizza is my typical pre race meal. yay food! 🙂 your flat mar was so cute!!

  16. I’m so bad about the stretching… good reminder!

  17. Love the “Flat Mar.” I forgot to do “Flat Jessica Joy,” before my last race and I was a hectic mess getting ready on race day. WHOOPS! Thanks for hosting! Hope you check out my post, it will make you laugh! PS It’s my first time. YAY!

    • 🙂 I have to! Flat Mar doesn’t show up until I’ve gone through and eliminated at least 3 other outfits! Yay, thanks for linking up and I’ll definitely check out your post!!

  18. Love your prep! I’m also not superstitious and follow most of the same rituals you do. Need to get on the stretching train though! 🙂

  19. I do the flat Haley sometimes too!

  20. You and I have very similar prep except I have to get to the race early. I’m always afraid of being late!

  21. I don’t race, but I feel like if I did, I would probably fail at all my racing rituals because I would be too excited to sleep or do anything beneficial for myself! AH HA HA!

  22. My carb loading usually includes a beer, too 😉 I’m the same with you as far as trying to get to the race line as close to the start time as possible – I like the extra sleep, plus I HATE waiting around to start… makes me jittery and nervous for some reason.

  23. Getting things ready the night before is also one of my routines, I just don’t like to think in the morning, just focus on race not worry about what I am forgetting:)

  24. I’m all about those liquid carbs, too! 😉

  25. Hi Mar! I was just going through some of the biz cards I have from Blogfest and found yours, so I just wanted to pop in to check out your blog and say hello 🙂

    I don’t do races but I use my foam roller quite a lot post-workout. Isn’t it a hurts-so-good kinda feeling?!

  26. Love it! We have similar race preps 🙂
    And I have a solid relationship with my foam roller! BEST INVENTION!!! Just got a new one as a gift and I LOVE it! Grid 2.0 🙂
    Actually have a weekend off from racing! Shocking…hehe

  27. Great topic. I do not have very many race rituals except laying out my clothes the night before. Its always a struggle to find safety pins for my bib.

  28. A flat racer photo is a must, whether its the night before or just before I get dressed for the race.

  29. Lost of extra hydrating, good food, and a rest day:)

  30. I always drink a beer the night before the race. One way of carbo loading, but also it makes me sleep well!

  31. Carb loading and rest, two of my favorite things (not necessarily in that order lol)!! Foam rolling BEFORE is a great thing to remember, too!

  32. I just started doing the hydrating the day before but after reading this, I will start being more conscious about it from Thursday on! Thanks! It’s been hot running this summer!!

  33. I love that you included hydrating several days out to make sure you’re properly topped off on race morning!

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