MCM Training: Lucky Number 13

I am not going to beat around the bush with this post. Week 13 was HUGE! Not only because I am now inside of 3 weeks to the Marine Corps Marathon(!!!) but also because it was the peak week of training which meant – a 20 mile long run. And…. BOOM: 20mile

I met up with Courtney around 7 am.  We decided to run together since she had a 15 mile on the schedule and what better way to get through what would be my most mentally challenging run than with some company?  BRF’s kinda rock 😉

We started at Rock Creek Park near Peirce Mill. The temps said 65 but the humidity was all kinds of awful (goodness gracious DC!) But the landscape and the company were dy-no-mite! We did a 5 mile out and back to the start and then I did a quick change into a tank from the short sleeve shirt I was wearing (humidity fail).  We continued through Rock Creek for the duration turning around at Mile 10 to conclude the 15. At that point Courtney and I said our goodbyes, I refueled and stretched and continued on my way.

Not going to lie, I was tired and there were a few walk breaks in those last 5 miles. My knees started to ache a bit so I stopped at a picnic spot and stretched out. Then at Mile 18 I received a “happy long run day” text from my BFF in Chicago and started to smile. This was followed up with “you can do it!!!” so I did.  Week13

I was not worried about speed or time on this PR distance. I just wanted to finish and feel good about it. Even so, I was pretty happy with myself after this run. And surprise, I survived!

Weekly Recap:

I started the week in a bit of an energy deficit having worked out /run several days in a row. I felt sick mid week but it didn’t last (thankfully!) My M.O. these days has been “work eat run sleep repeat” so I tried to get as much rest as possible in this peak week of training:

  • Monday: personal training w/Jake – leg day!
  • Tuesday: 5.5 mile run
  • Wednesday: personal training w/Jake – upper body
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 20 freaking miles!!
  • Sunday: 2.4 mile active recovery run/walk to complete the Running with Ollie Scavenger Hunt run (did you enter/participate?)

OllieRunThere you have it folks, Week Lucky Number 13. Marines – I’m coming for you 🙂 Now bring on the taper!

Who ran long or raced this weekend? Who is enjoying beautiful fall weather?!


24 thoughts on “MCM Training: Lucky Number 13

    1. I am soooooooo happy you were there! it really helped and made the time go by. OMG, I’m running a marathon in 20 days!! and don’t worry, I’m probably gonna be bawlin’ too! 😉

    1. I don’t particularly like to run with people, but for that distance it was so very helpful. Made the hours go by! and it’s nice to have someone around in case something happens.

  1. Great job…20 miles is a big deal and it was really humid on Saturday! I only did 11 and it wasn’t as cool as they said it would be.

  2. So happy for you that you made it through training! I think the training is the hardest part personally. Very excited for you to rock your marathon!

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