Putting the Mar in Marathon!

OMG guys just 4 more sleeps and it’s Marine Corps Marathon time! I almost can’t believe it is here. MCM4daysBut, before I get too, too excited (um, too late) here’s how I have been preparing to put the MAR in MARATHON.

Sleep: I have been so good to myself this week in the sleep department trying to be under the covers by 9:30 pm and asleep by 10. Luckily the Steelers Monday Night game moved in a positive direction so I was able to rest soundly to start my week right 😉 All kidding aside since I had been so stressed sleep has been erratic and I’m feeling pretty rested so far so good.

Eats: I meal prepped Sunday and actually made breakfast (egg and veggie muffins) for the week plus fruit daily, crocked a pot of turkey chili and made some stuffed peppers with quinoa. All clean eating – no junk or unnecessary sugar and hydrating like a maniac. I had re-started on the multivitamin train a couple of weeks ago since I was slacking.

Playlist: Last Friday’s Friday Five was perfect timing for me. Thanks to your posts I got so many good music recommendations and have added a handful of new songs to build my marathon playlist. I’m still working through some of your posts but so many new additions already. I mentioned my intention is to not listen to music the entire time and at least the first 6 miles or so and the finish will be taking in the sights. But the iPod will stand at the ready when called. My favorite new additions:

  • Nick Jonas – “Jealous” (no judgement!!)
  • Imagine Dragons – “Radioactive”
  • Maroon 5 – “Animals”
  • And what I’m calling my marathon theme song, “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. I mean seriously these lyrics are PERFECT:
I got my mind made up, man, I can’t let go.
I’m killing every second ’til it saves my soul.
(Ooh) I’ll be running, (Ooh) I’ll be running,
‘Til the love runs out, ’til the love runs out.


What to wear: Asic GT-2170’s (new) √ Under Armour compression pants √ Ultimate Direction fuel belt √ throwaway shirt √ arm sleeves √ and I just may pick me up something pretty at the expo 😉 .

Rest: My knee is feeling loads better after just dropping down to cycling and yoga, plus Jake and I had a nice active recovery / stabilization and stretching session yesterday which I followed up with an Epsom salt soak. Tonight is a massage appointment and then I’ll throw in another bike session before the week is out.

I took the day off on Friday (and Monday!!) so plan to hit up the expo either Thursday night or Friday morning followed by lunch with my DC trifecta crew Courtney and Cynthia! Yay, can’t wait!! Lastly, your contributions to my motivational mantras post are welcomed and so appreciated! Don’t forget you have through Sunday at midnight to enter my Words to Sweat By giveaway for 2 motivational wrap bracelets of your choice. RunwiththeMarines

It’s almost game time!! How’s your week going??



25 thoughts on “Putting the Mar in Marathon!

  1. So excited for race day. I just made some dinner reservations last night and my gear is nearly organized. Hope I get to meet you at some point during the weekend. I won’t be at the Expo until Friday afternoon though. Where are you lining up in the corrals? I’m planning on the 4:15-4:30, closer to 4:30.
    Pam recently posted…It’s Marine Corps Marathon week – getting readyMy Profile

    1. Yay, Pam!! So excited too. Let’s try to meet up at the start. I’m at expo first thing Friday then I have lunch plans. I’ll be kow key rest of weekend. I’m thinking 4:30 corral as well.

    1. haha, yes I have tops but I felt that went without saying. Plus i haven’t decided on which one yet. I’m not sure what i’ll get at expo but since I’ll be coming from there, you’ll see whatever I choose!

  2. shutUP i was just going to comment that i started typing your blog’s URL into my browser and it took me to the marine corps marathon website! perfect title for the post. reading yours and pam’s posts today have me so excited i decided to just freaking go for it this sunday. i’m glad your knee is feeling better – i’m not sure epsom salt baths are any kind of thing in the prescription for lingering symptoms of bursitis, but couldn’t hurt to try! and sleep is probably going to be my biggest challenge this week, too. i hope we run into each other at some point this weekend – you’ll be way speedier than me but hey, stranger things have happened – i’ll have my eye out for you in the starting area 🙂 <3 <3 <3
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