Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

Happy Friday! This month is flying by so fast. I feel like just yesterday we turned the page to December and it’s already almost half over. All has been quiet this week as I prep the blog for {Blogmas} which starts TOMORROW with a giveaway! Hope you come back and enjoy the 12 days of posts I have lined up for you. For today’s Friday Five Cynthia, Courtney and I want to know what some of your favorite winter activities are!

Friday Five Winter ActivitiesDespite the cold this is a magical time of year and there is SO much to do. Here are just a few favorite activities of mine: 

1. Running. Any time, any season, anywhere. Next.

2. Um, this counts as an “activity” right?  (the correct answer is, of course it does!)

Winter Activities

3. Getting the heck out of dodge. That’s right! I always pick a warm weather city to visit in the winter months. Last winter it was Texas and the winter before, Florida. Coming up this winter is South Carolina. Yes, running was involved 🙂

4. Cooking up stews and warm dishes in the crock pot. This appliance gets the most action from me during the winter! Last week I made the Pumpkin and Black Bean Chili I posted about a few weeks ago. SO GOOD!

5. Checking out the Capitol Christmas Tree and Botanic Gardens. Every year there is a new and beautiful display at the Botanic Gardens. The displays are always so original and it’s fun to go and walk around the observatory. I’ll have more on this during Blogmas!! Capitol Christmas

What are some of your favorite winter activities? What’s on tap for the weekend? Don’t forget {Blogmas} starts TOMORROW!!

64 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

  1. I think winter is a reminder to kick our feet up with a tasty beverage to enjoy! I’m working on being less of a wimp and getting out during the colder weather. Looking for to your 12 Days of Blogmas!

  2. I’m guessing that snuggling on the couch with my pink fluffy robe drinking pineapple rum and mango juice while watching Gracepoint doesn’t count as an actually activity? 😉

  3. The botanic gardens look gorgeous! I hope you have a great time in South Carolina!

  4. #2 most definitely counts as an activity! I, too, love using my crock pot in the winter. Nothing like a warm, hearty meal to comfort you on a cold winter day 🙂

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