What’s Next?! Countdown to Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend

With the entire winter devoted to training for Shamrock I haven’t had much opportunity to talk about what’s coming up next – Pittsburgh Marathon weekend! For the 4th year in a row I am running in my hometown – the UPMC Half Marathon on Sunday, May 3rd and even better I am doing so as an Official Blogger2015_GOP_Blogger_Banner

Unlike the 12 weeks I spent recapping my weekly training for Shamrock I won’t do the same for Pittsburgh. With the half coming up in 5 weeks instead I am going to countdown weekly and give you a summary of where I am, what’s happening, as well as tidbits on preparation for the race. 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my goals for Spring races. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life (particularly lately) it’s that things do not always go according to plan – and you know what? that’s ok! I am throwing a bit of caution to the wind as it relates to some of my time goals this season – meaning, I can’t focus on them until I do a few other things first. The number 2 point on my spring race goal list was “Stay Healthy” so this is where I have chosen to focus over the next 6-8 weeks (beyond Pittsburgh). Namely, getting back to a place where I am stronger both mentally and physically.

It’s not just one thing it is several things. I’ve talked before (and probably vaguely as it’s not really for blog consumption) about stress and am working towards reducing the effect this has had on me. I need to focus on resetting some of my habits, reducing this stress, losing the weight associated with that and restoring a little balance. Even if I don’t talk about it directly here I’m already doing some things to get there! I think focusing on all of these points will help make me a stronger, better and faster runner. Then I can crush those time goals!! 

SO… 5 weeks until the Pittsburgh Half – a weekend I am enthusiastically looking forward to – a focused health and fitness reset is where I am now and I can’t forget that I expect to HAVE FUN these next several weeks (point #5 on my spring race goals list). It’s going to be a great ride. PGHmarathonbloggersFinally, I’m shouting out my fellow 2015 #GameOnPGH Bloggers

If you don’t already follow some of these amazing folks – go do it, do it now!! I’m excited to be back for the second year! Returning again with me are Kim from This Runner’s Fuel and Jenna (aka FireMom) from Stop Drop and Blog (yay!) 

Have you ever participated in Pittsburgh Marathon weekend? Will I see you there in May? What are some of your health and fitness goals this spring? 

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  1. This is very exciting and I totally agree about having to adjust goals and plans. You certainly have the training base for the May race, so that will make the 5 weeks a little easier. Christine and I are going to CA this May for the Tinkerbell Challenge at Disneyland and I can’t wait. It is over Mother’s day weekend!

    • Thanks, Pam! yeah I definitely have the base which is why I’m going to refocus a bit. That’s exciting Tink is Mother’s Day weekend – what a great way for the 2 of you to celebrate!

  2. Yay! So excited you’re doing Pittsburgh. It’s one of my favorite races! Unfortunately I’ll be out of the country that week so I won’t be running it, but I’ll be cheering on all of you from Europe! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. I’ve heard good things about Pittsburgh. I’d love to run that one day! Maybe I’ll be crazy and try for the full. That second half looks a little rough.

  4. That’s really good timing for your races. Enough time to recover from shamrock and rebuild then taper again. I haven’t done any races in Pittsburgh although I’ve heard great things and now that I live in PA I should probably check it out at some point. The race calendar is already full this year but 2016 is wide open as of now 🙂

    • quite frankly I don’t really taper for half marathons. I just try to keep myself in good running shape so I can run them as often as my body allows! I love running in Pittsburgh, hills and all!

  5. Good luck on your goals and your marathon!

    I haven’t done a full yet-i use to say I would never run a marathon but now I am at the not yet point ;).

    Spring goals:
    -trust my training
    -listen to my body
    -strengthen my legs and core through consistent weight training
    -RELAX and enjoy every race!

  6. That sounds like lots of fun! You just reminded me my race was in 6 weeks then-crap! Need to get my but in gear 🙂

  7. I will be doing my first PGH Half this year, but it will be my 5 year in a row that I have ran marathon weekend. Normally I do the full. Good luck!!!

  8. Great group of bloggers! I think you will have a very good spring/May. There is always something special about a hometown race 🙂

    • Very great group! I’m looking forward to nicer weather and getting back into shape. I see 60s on tap this week in DC – spring just might exist after all!

  9. I love your positivity, Mar! I think a healthy reset is a great idea & will be the best foundation. Pittsburgh will be fun, no matter what!

  10. So true! If you aren’t healthy, the other goals don’t come. Wise lady.

  11. So excited to continue to follow your progress even without weekly recaps. So grateful for the time we got to spend together this weekend, friend! xx

  12. So exciting! I’ve never done this race before, maybe I should put it on my list?!

  13. Its a hard reality to face, but you’re right, not everything goes as planned. Kudos to you for knowing when you need to readjust, no matter how difficult it might be to accept that. Here’s to hoping the next 5 weeks of training go well before Pittsburgh!

  14. Yeah yeah!! Congrats, Official Blogger! I know a couple of those other blogs too and all of you are AWESOME! PGH is well represented for sure. One day I will get my butt over to Pittsburgh for this awesome weekend!

  15. Congrats on the Pittsburgh Blogging gig! Good luck!

  16. 1. CONGRATS! 🙂 2. I totally know the feeling when things don’t go according to plan. I swear, I’d pull my hair out if I didn’t have a coach telling me exactly what to do haha

  17. How nice of you to give shout outs to some other bloggers… I will definitely check some of them out! Hope you have a great time at your upcoming event.

  18. Funny how goals have a way of changing! Excited to hear how Pittsburgh and the last few weeks of training for it goes. Good luck!

  19. Sometimes we have to step back a re evaluate where we are and where we want to be. I’m in that season of life also.

  20. My goal for this Spring is to enjoy whatever exercise I am doing….right now that is yoga and long walks with my husband!

  21. Good for you for knowing what adjustments you need to make! Looking forward to hearing more about Pittsburgh!

  22. I just went to Pittsburgh for the first time over the weekend! :O (So many good places to eat! :]!)

    I love your positive attitude on this, and I hope you have a ton of fun with your race! 😀

  23. I know you LOVE this race, so happy for you.

  24. would love to run this race one day! PRobably the half. Good luck with training!

  25. This sounds really fun–I’ve never been an “official blogger” for a race, but I’d jump at the chance to do it!

  26. LOVE that you have a focus on getting healthier (mentally and physically). You know crossing that line in a better mental state will make you feel a billion times better about reaching that goal!! I hope you enjoy this week of training!

  27. I haven’t set any goals for Spring yet, but I’ve seen quite a few posts today from bloggers who have so it’s on my to-do list for tomorrow!

  28. Great list of bloggers! I’m trying a no goals approach right now. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  29. COngrats! I have never ben to Pittsburgh, but running a marathon there sounds like a great way to see it someday. My goal is to drop the 15lbs I have gained.

  30. How awesome that you are an official race blogger for this marathon. I have never run the Pittsburgh Marathon so will enjoy following your training and the race!

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