Countdown to Pittsburgh: Final Training Week

Wow. Somewhere along the way time just flew. I am now inside of a week to my 4th UPMC Pittsburgh Half Marathon. It really seems like yesterday I was preparing to head to Virginia Beach for my 21st half, now here we are at #22. 2015_GOP_Blogger_Banner

I haven’t trained towards a specific goal for this race. I’ve mentioned before just trying to get in quality workouts and gain some lost strength back. I will think about my race day goals throughout the week. Since the end of March, and my disappointment at Shamrock, my running spirits have actually been kind of low (well, really since the whole Strep Throat thing). I know what my issues are and just need to focus on getting over the hurdles I’m facing. My final week of training was ‘good’ though running didn’t happen as much as I anticipated (do we call that tapering?) 

Monday: 40 minutes cycling.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile walk. This ended up being the nicest and warmest day of the week. I should have gone for a run but decided to walk home from work instead and enjoy the sunshine. Though, allergies. 

Wednesday: Tribe Life @ Mint DC. I’ve been looking to change things up with my training so took this session as part of their free trial week. They offer it in advance of their 6 week small group sessions of Core, Fit (high intensity) and Life (moderate intensity). It was a tough workout for sure but that was enough for me to make the decision to sign up for a 6 week session! More on this to come. Tribe Life

Thursday: REST. See above. Man, was I feeling those body squats and walking lunges!! This was a scheduled run day but my body said no. And who wants to push this close to the half? Not I… I also realized I hadn’t taken a full rest day since last Friday so running was definitely out. 

Friday: 3.5 mile run. The day started out cool (I was wearing a winter coat!) but Mother Nature got her ish together long enough for me to enjoy a jaunt around town, even if it was crazy windy. Gosh she can create some beauty when she’s not being all woman-y: tulips

Saturday: Mint Fresh Flow Yoga @ Mint DC. This 75 minute class was just what I needed to relax and stretch out any lingering soreness! I’m going to have a review of this DC Fitness studio very soon. I’ve been there many times, mainly for the spa (my awesome post run masseuse is there!) but through ClassPass and Tribe Life have started to enjoy the fitness facilities. Really, really like it!! 

Sunday: 8 mile run. Correction, a “sucky” 8 mile run. Ok, I’m being dramatic but I labored through this run. Perhaps because I opted to go right instead of left when I entered Rock Creek Park. I intended to do 9 and if I had taken my usual route it would have been flatter. But… Pittsburgh. Which isn’t exactly flat so I went the hilly route. I was feeling hot and angry at Mile 7.5 so I changed direction and walked a half mile back to the car. Not all runs are going to be good ones but glad I’ve got this out of the way. Better today then next Sunday!! 

Sunday ended with a new class at Urban Athletic Club called “Sunday Smash”. It’s an instructional class they now offer every other Sunday. It’s taught by Darragh Crowley who you might remember from my Integrative Bodywork session a bit ago (and loosened up my fascia!) I was joined by Colleen and it was amazing. I learned many new techniques for using the foam roller and resistance bands to stretch and increase mobility and it (along with a trip to Sweet Frog!) made me forget that horrid 8 miler just hours before.Sunday

I feel like new woman heading into the week! Check it out at UAC Georgetown locals!! 

Linking up today with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update. Runners, how do you shake off a bad run? Anyone ever take a foam rolling class before? 

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  1. You know what they say…bad dress rehearsal, great race! Looks like a smart taper week! You’ll have a great race this weekend! Pittsburgh is one of my bucket list races! I went there to catch a Pirates game a few weekends ago and fell in love with the city! Good luck!!

  2. better to get a bad run out of the way than have it on race day! I’m a fellow “Burgh girl living south of Baltimore and running my hometown marathon is definitely a bucket list race. Maybe next year 😉 Good luck!!

  3. Wow! A foam rolling class?!? I would LOVE to! This is so cool, Mar! I had a sucky run on Saturday; I know what you mean. I think I just wasn’t really into it and it was more mental than anything else; unfortunately, it does happen, from time to time. I think I just chalk it up to the day and move on; I know I’ll have other good runs and that it just wasn’t a great run day. You’re doing great! I know that all of your other (non-running) activities are really going to pay off, come race day. I’m going to be cheering for you! Thanks so much for linking up; hope you are having a good Monday!

  4. Better to just get the bad run out of the way! I would love a foam rolling class, that had to be so amazing!!!

  5. a foam rolling CLASS? that screams HURTS SO GOOD! 🙂 i can NOT believe your race is this weekend! weren’t we just running the trails of va together???

    • man alive, it did! we used foam rollers, balls and resistance bands. Come to the next one! and OMG, I know – cannot believe I have a race this weekend – where’s it’s gonna be 75 degrees 🙂

  6. Looks like you got a good week of workouts in! Kudos to you for taking the harder route for your long run! Hard runs only make you stronger! Good luck next week! You’ll do great!

  7. There are some great You Tube videos on foam rolling which could be helpful for you. Something to consider checking out!

  8. Your smash sunday class sounds so interesting!! And that fro-yo , send me some!

  9. You had a great week and yumm froyo! Hope it goes great!

  10. ooh you have been taking some fun new classes I should check out!

  11. Admittedly I have a foam roller, but it collects dust more than anything.

  12. Solid workouts and even a sucky 8 miles is better than no miles. Nice work!

  13. Yes, you got the bad run out of your system now you’re good to go! I’ve never heard of a foam roller class.

  14. What a week you had, girl! Need to learn from you, definitely 🙂

  15. I would love to take a foam rolling class!
    I remind myself that we appreciate the good runs that much more because of the bad ones.

  16. We will all be cheering you on!

  17. I recognize my alma mater in that gorgeous flowers photo! Boy do I miss that place some days.

  18. Oh my gosh I would love to take a foam rolling class – I always feel like I could learn to get more out of my rolling! Can’t believe it’s almost time for Pittsburgh – excited for you!

  19. Sounds like you had some good workouts this week…you are definitely prepared for Pittsburgh! And yum on the SweetFrog – a nice treat!

  20. I had a bad run Sunday too. How did I shake it off? By analyzing it. I’ll be of course posting my thoughts on the blog tomorrow. I didn’t fuel properly.

    I have my half coming up this weekend as well. I hope you and I both get our mojo back!

  21. Oooh foam rolling class sounds good. I call that foam roller “the prickly one” haha. I ran with my friend Rachel tonight and went through hilly Van Ness neighborhoods…no joke with the hills!

  22. A foam rolling class sounds amazing! I love my foam roller and would love some new tips to get as much out of it as possible. And good luck this weekend! I’m so excited to hear all about it!

  23. The countdown to a race is so exciting! Great week of training.

  24. A foam rolling class sounds amazing! I go through phases of actually using my foam roller but I really need to use it more often. Good luck this weekend!

  25. I think you just go with the fact that you are gonna be HOOMMMMEE just enjoy my dear. JUST ENJOY

  26. I do use my foam roller most of the time, I have used yo tube to see exactly how it should be done!!!

  27. I haven’t taken a foam rolling class before but I’d love to. I tried foam rolling a couple times and it never ended well, so I’m thinking I need all the help I can get haha

  28. best of luck to you!! I have taken a foam rolling class once and should go again, mainly because I definitely don’t focus on areas like they do in class. I also need to do more yoga and spin but I find it so hard to balance everything when I’m marathon training!

  29. LOVE your foam roller! I currently have a regular blue one, a triggle point one, and a bunch of on the go ones. But THAT one looks like a great one that digs into your muscles!

  30. I wish I could get to a group fitness occasionally to spice things up. Looks like yours was fun! Good luck with your half this weekend! You will rock it!

  31. A foam roller class sounds great. I have actually never heard of that being offered anywhere!

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