Friday Five: Race Day Preparations!

Greetings from Pittsburgh and Happy Friday!! Today Cynthia, Courtney and I went with a fairly broad theme of “Race Day”. Of course, Courtney was a step ahead of us and posted her race day last week so go on and check that out.Β My race day preparations are pretty standard but can vary if I’m traveling for a race. Since I’m race-cationing now, though hanging out at my parents doesn’t feel like a race-cation, today you get my race day preparations when traveling.Β FF Race Day marontherun

1. Stalk Check the weather. Typically around 10 days I start to get an idea of what I can expect. Then I begin with packing lists and revise as it gets closer. This weekend? 70s in the ‘Burgh… hoorah!

2. Start hydrating! I’m pretty good about water to begin with – I don’t do sodas and juices – but I add more beginning on Wednesday for a Sunday half. By Thursday I’m adding in electrolytes with Gatorade (or drinking smart water)

3. Packing. There is a big difference in flying to a race vs. driving. When I drive, I get to bring the bigger suitcase πŸ™‚ I tend to overpack in these instances too but at least I don’t have to worry about stuffing anything in an overhead compartment or checking at the gate.

4. Flat Mar. Options 1, 2 and 3. This weekend I’m running 2 races but am always a game time decision on the outfit so I plan accordingly and bring a few options (though at this point I kinda know what’s happening).

5. All the gear. This includes Spibelt, Garmin and fuel. For Sunday I plan to use my small handheld because it’ll be a little warm. My fuel of choice is gummy bears which I’ll keep in the Spibelt. I eat light pre race but have VIP access this weekend which includes breakfast (and indoor plumbing, huzzah!) I’ll have some type of carb (hopefully bagel) with peanut butter and of course, coffee.

Speaking of preparations, step one in getting ready for Pittsburgh Marathon weekend happened last night – meeting up with the Official Bloggers.PGH Marathon Official Bloggers(left to right, Melissa, Jen, Me, Kristy, Chelsey, Kim, Jenna and Jennifer). We missed a few but getting to see some old friends and meet new ones was a pretty great start to the weekend! Can’t wait for more πŸ™‚Β 

How do you prepare for race day? What are some of your essentials? TGIF – hope you enjoy sunshine wherever you are!Β 

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    1. yeah, i am SO bad about reviewing the course. And then I get surprised πŸ˜‰ the good news is I’ve run Pittsburgh several times so know what to expect.

  1. Have wonderful races this weekend!! That is a great tip you gave there about the hydration prior to race weekend. I so want to get better at doing that. I usually only think about it the day before…like when I’m walking around the expo…so then I hit every Nuun or whatever kind they have so that I can quickly super-hydrate πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend!
    Diane @runninrocker recently posted…2015 San Luis Obispo Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  2. I like gummi bears for race fuel, too. That’s what the Portland Marathon hands out on the course!

    One of my race day essentials is flat Molly. I like to have my outfit laid out the night before so that I don’t have to rush around to find all my stuff when I’m half asleep in the early morning on race day.
    Molly @alsoranagain recently posted…5 Race Day Don’tsMy Profile

  3. Haha #1 is so me! I stalk the crap out of race weather and then obsess constantly over what to wear. When I travel to races I bring like 5 outfits to choose from because I’m totally insane about race outfits. I don’t want to be uncomfortable out there because I wore the wrong thing!

    And good luck this weekend! Have fun in the ‘burgh!

  4. You are so right about “stalking” the weather. Once that 10 day forecast is ready to highlight your day as day 10, the weather is constantly being checked. You go through all of the emotions during those 10 days because the weather (at least here in Boston area) constantly changes. This past marathon was a prime example!! I didn’t run it, but I still needed to be prepared as a spectator! Thanks as always for the link up.
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  5. The hydration is a key one I think. I have a tendency to forget that. I’m pretty good at hydrating on a day to day basis, but It’s a good idea to increase it a little a few days before a race! I hope you have a great race this weekend Mar!

  6. (Sorry, I hit enter too soon before!) Yes, since I began racing I start obsessing over the weather 10 days out, especially if there is a chance of rain when it’s cold. I make myself a little crazy sometimes. πŸ™‚

  7. I hope you have a wonderful race! Meeting the bloggers looks like awesome fun. I find it’s essential to use the “facilities” if you know what I mean…
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  8. I stalk the weather too! I add the cities where my upcoming races are to my favorites on my weather app. I try not to freak out if the temps start rising, but I do every time! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚
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  9. Good luck this weekend and thanks for sharing these tips! I love tip #2! After a month of cramping up every run, I realized I was constantly dehydrated. Now, it’s a daily initiative to stay on top of it!

  10. great list! i always pick out multiple options for race outfits-mainly shirt, long sleeve shirt, shorts, capris, gloves and hat then decide in the morning based on the weather what i will bring along with me

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