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A couple of weeks ago a few of my classmates and I decided to meet up for a fitness class. After some deliberation we arrived at spinning and decided to give Zengo Cycle a try! I had heard of Zengo Cycle before but you all know I’m a recent convert to indoor cycling and spin classes. “Zengo Cycle is a full-body, cycle-centric workout for your body and mind that will Rock Your Day.” Zengo cycle

There are 4 locations in the DC area: Bethesda, Kentlands, Mosaic and Logan Circle. We opted for Logan Circle since we are all fairly local to downtown. It was a beautiful Sunday and we signed up for the 5 pm class with Kelsey. Signup online was fairly easy and your first class and first shoe rental is free (they are also on the ClassPass network!). Once you register for an account online the first class credit is automatically applied to your account. Zengocycle3 marontherun.com

When I arrived I walked down the stairs and was immediately greeted by the front desk staff. I let them know I was new and they were super friendly and helpful. This is a boutique studio and only houses one cycling area but also boast men and women’s restrooms, showers, and complimentary lockers, towels, and toiletries. Water is available for purchase. I was handed my shoes then headed into the studio. And wow…  ZengoSchwinn marontherun.com

The room was dimly lit and the studio has brand new Schwinn Authentic Cycling bikes. Clip in shoes are required. I will say they are fairly close to one another vertically. Though I was fine next to my neighbor and was in the front row the first time around, I could tell some people in other rows looked very closely spaced to the person in front/behind them. The staff and instructor will walk around and help you get adjusted and settled onto your bike. ZengoCycle marontherun.com

Classes start promptly so make sure you arrive early or on time! The music was probably the best part of the experience. With a mix of hip hop, pop and other rock tunes you almost forget you’re in a 50 minute class. The lights are turned down and there is no talking allowed (though singing and shouting are encouraged). Even though I attended with friends you are truly creating your own “Zen” (go) 😉 . Small 2-3 pound weights sit at each bike and towards the end of the 50 minutes you are taken through a quick arms circuit. 

I enjoyed my Zengo experience so much I went back with a classmate on Memorial Day. We signed up for the noon class with Jason and oh my word he was FABULOUS. As much as I enjoyed my first experience the second was that much better. He was encouraging and hyped and again the music – which was mainly pop infused – was incredible. I may or may not have sang “Bye Bye Bye” by *Nsync at the top of my lungs (who am I kidding?!) The entire class flowed naturally and before I knew it, it was over – yet I felt completely energized and covered in a bucket of sweat. Too bad I’m out of town for his Friday night Jay vs Bey cycle this week. Zengo Cycle marontherun.com

So there you have it. Two FUN, high energy Zengo experiences. Will I go back? Absolutely. The cost of a drop in class is a little hard to stomach after your initial free one ($22 plus tax in DC) but it’s a lot less than others in the area and again, as a part of ClassPass I get the benefit of using my membership but oh man – you won’t regret or forget it! 

Even if you don’t go regularly (which I won’t maybe once a week or every other) you’ll get a dance party on a bike and sore legs later. Totally worth it! 

Have you heard of Zengo Cycle or ever tried it? Do you prefer clip on bikes or using your regular shoes? (I’m on the fence…)

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  1. This sounds really fun! I still need to try one of these fun cycling classes and both Kentlands and Bethesda are relatively close to me so this would be a good one to try.
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    1. you would love it! definitely check it out since the first class is free!! and if you can get it with Jason – even better! Let me know when I could meet you there 😉

  2. Zengo is my absolute favorite! Try with Lauren once…she does a lot of hip hop and her class is SO hard…all of the instructors are AMAZING though!

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