If the Shoe Fits + RBX Active!

When I left work a couple of weeks ago my colleagues graciously gave me the best parting gift you can give to a runner/fitness enthusiast: a gift card to City Sports. Naturally I did what any normal runner would do and went shoe shopping!! (amiright?!) 026

It’s been 6 months and many training miles since I last bought shoes. I’ve been rotating between a pair of Brooks Ghost 6 and Asics Cumulus 16 with both dutifully serving their purpose. The Brooks were used for short runs and speed work while the Asics for long runs and races. I have other shoes in the rotation I’m not quite willing to part with yet (mostly Asics) but those are used for walking around and other fitness activities.

Now that a new season is upon us and I’m working on getting my body back to form (and my running mojo back) buying something new is always a good cure for what ails ya! 🙂 . So with some ideas in mind about shoes I wanted to try I hit up City Sports!

Quick side note though because… OMG these pants!! Note: I received a pair of these Capri’s from RBX Active to try but all opinions (and insert yummy noises from the look and feel of them here!!) are my own!RBXActive marontherun.comThey are the Digital Camo Leggings from RBX Active who recently launched their new product site. These are from the Power Collection and come in 4 different colors (retail $29.99). I’m sporting the Military Green (listed as Yellow on the site, think neon and awesome). Designed for the gym to the street it was only appropriate for me to wear these while buying shoes after trying them out first in hot yoga. Meaning they’ve been washed a couple times and have held up and kept their fabulous color.


They wick away moisture, have a wide band and a hidden pocket on the top seam. Very comfy cozy. RBX Active can be found at department and sporting goods stores as well as specialty retailers. Of course I am offering my readers 25% off for use on their website only by using code Active25 through July 31, 2015 (plus free shipping on orders over $50). You’re welcome 😉 

Now back to shoe shopping. I’ll tell you my preference is always my local running store. The personnel seem to be more knowledgeable and the sales guy here while super friendly, didn’t know a whole lot about runners but I had already done my own research. I asked to to try on 4 pairs: Asics Nimbus, Adidas Boost, Saucony Ride 7 and Saucony Triumph.

1. Asic Nimbus. I was skeptical of these shoes because these are the type I was fitted for and purchased before my first marathon attempt a year and a half ago and just prior to my foot injury. I decided to give them another shot because… oh so pretty. AsicsNimbus marontherun.com

When I put them on they felt… odd. My right foot is slightly bigger than the left so I size up but the left shoe was way uncomfortable. Something was rubbing against my upper heel. I walked around and jogged in store a bit then tried on a different pair and size. Same uncomfortable feeling happened so as much as I loved the look of the shoe, the feel ruled it out. functionality > fashion

2. Adidas Boost. I wasn’t really serious about these for my long run shoe. I just know Salt and Courtney love their Boost’s. I was actually an Adidas only girl for most of my running life before Asics came into the picture so I wanted to try them. They didn’t have my size in Pink so I went with the Orange (blech) but ohhh, these felt amazing!! Now I know what all the hype is about. AdidasBoost marontherun.com

3. Saucony Ride 7. Like butter on my feet. These felt amazing from the second I laced them up. I wasn’t jazzed about the color though and kept asking the sales guy if they came in any other colors or even if the men’s would fit (must remember: functionality > fashion) I walked and jogged around in these for a while. I took them off to try on my final pair yet kept going back to put these on for comparison. I think the sales guy thought I was nuts… (no comment) Saucony Ride7 marontherun.com

4. Saucony ISO Triumph. Lastly, I put these bad boys on. Talk about another pretty pair of shoes! Saucony Triumph marontherun.comI really, really liked them.  I actually had gone into the store with every intention of these being the ones I purchased (the others were for show, haha). The lip was wide and webbed with a wide toe box and they were highly recommended for neutral runners that like cushioning. Something felt slightly off on the feel near the toe and I’m not sure sizing up would have helped. Because they were Saucony I kept going back and forth with the Ride 7 as I said above and ultimately made my decision. 

And the winner is… SauconyRide7 marontherun.com

The Saucony Ride 7! I’ve already worn them several times for all my runs this week and a couple of weight training sessions. Of course I clearly didn’t do ALL my research because I discovered these do come in other colors. I’ve grown to like this pair though I may invest in another color later but I had the gift card so my choices were limited. Still, I’m in love. And can’t believe I’ve cheated on Asics again (though will still wear my Cumulus in my last half this season Saturday). Yay! I love new shoes!

What is your go-to brand? Anyone a Saucony fan? How often do you switch out your shoes?

43 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits + RBX Active!

    1. yeah – it’s amazing how different everyone is, what works for one may not work for another! If they had the pink I may have actually bought the Adidas Boost.

  1. i wore Saucs for years — alternated btwn those and New Balances — but just got re-fitted 2 months ago and ended up with Nikes and Asics and i LOVE them both! each brand makes such a variety now that it’s fun to try on a bunch and see what suits you.

  2. I am a Brooks girl, but have not been thrilled with the new Adrenalines (why do they mess with a good thing? The 13s were great!). I started out in Sauconys and sometimes I think I need to either try them again or something new. Lucky you with your shopping spree!

  3. I’ve never worn Saucony. I was an Asics girl for a long time and still go to them for trail shoes. For treadmill I have a dedicated pair of Altras and then I use Pearl Izumi and Zoot for my Tris. I used to love the Sketchers GoRun but also developed a bad case of PF when training for marathons in those (don’t know if it was the shoes but don’t want to chance it coming back)
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  4. So awesome you found a pair! Hopefully your good fortune will rub off on me as I need to go looking ASAP. I’ve been enjoying Saucony Guide 7s for two years now but…unfortunately I do not like the 8s! I want to cry. So I’m back at square one trying on all the things to I find the right one.
    Coach Henness recently posted…The One Where Everyone Got LostMy Profile

    1. ahh! I really hate that. Why do they need to change the new version so much and so quickly!! we barely have time time to enjoy. Good luck in your search!

  5. Fun shopping!

    I am pretty devoted to Mizuno Wave Inspires. Today, we had some downtime at work, so I tried on the Saucony Guide 8. My coworker mentioned that the extra cushioning might be something I would like for my plantar fasciitis. For some reason, I really lean towards the firmness of Mizuno, but I don’t know. The Guides felt pretty good. I think I might buy them to rotate in.
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  6. I used to be a huge Saucony girl in college. A few years after college I went for a shoe fitting and walked out with Brooks.
    I have been wearing Brooks for a few years, although I still have a soft spot for Saucony and would try them again for sure.
    Right now I have the Brooks Ghost 7 which I love. I switch out at 350-400 miles and last marathon cycle I bought 2 pair and rotated back and forth which was heaven!
    Enjoy your new shoes!! 🙂
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