Beach to Beacon 10K Training Weeks 3 & 4

As I mentioned in my Friday Five post I was intentionally absent on the blog and social media over the last week so today I am catching up on the past couple weeks of training for the TD Beach to Beacon 10K. I’m also linking up with Tara from Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update linkup!  B2B weekly training

Week 3: June 29 – July 5

  • Monday: Active rest day = 3.5 mile walk
  • Tuesday: Pure Barre + 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: Spinning at Zengo Cycle
  • Thursday: Body Pump + Speed work at the track. This was fun! I did Pump at lunchtime, had a couple of clients in the afternoon, then decided to hit up the track at the local high school. I ran a mile to the track then did 6x400s all at paces 8 minutes or less except lap 5 where I just fell off. It happens but I picked it up for the last lap and am really happy with this effort! Track work marontherun 
  • Friday: REST 
  • Saturday: REST (unplanned and slightly under the weather)
  • Sunday: 6 mile run

Week 4: July 6 – 12

  • Monday: 4 mile run. I don’t typically run after a long run but knew with class later in the week getting in workouts would be tougher so braved the heeeeeeaaaatttt and DC humidity for 4 neighborhood miles. Gross.
  • Tuesday: Body Pump
  • Wednesday: Fit Test, Pound and Grit workouts at Gold’s Gym (read recap of this here)
  • Thursday/Friday:  REST. Class all day both days takes a lot out of me so I intentionally planned rest days. I always enjoy getting together with my classmates though as we feed off each other in such a positive way.
  • Saturday: 7 miles
  • Sunday: Yoga Sculpt w/weights @ Core Power Yoga

After class Friday my fellow Health Coaches and I continued our monthly Happy Hour tradition and headed to Oya Restaurant and Lounge.

LOVE this group!

LOVE this group!

We try to pick a new place each month and this was my first time here. It was sooooo fancy but a lot of fun! Oya_marontherun.comIn addition to sipping on some fabulous cocktails I ordered the most delicious Pork Belly Sticky Buns. Seriously so yum! PorkBelly

Following Friday night’s activities I slept in a bit Saturday leading to a late start on my long run. I wanted 8 but even though temps were in the 70s and I ran under the shaded skies of Rock Creek Park I couldn’t escape the humidity so 7 it was! My pace was slooooow and I finished the run completely drenched but got it done. And with long, sticky runs comes espresso froyo! Saturday

Sunday began with meeting up with a classmate for an outdoor yoga class we couldn’t find the location to (grr!) After that debacle we ended up enjoying a salad lunch and catching a matinee showing of Inside Out. I’d heard a lot about the movie and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Great lessons for all ages! Since I was set on yoga and didn’t get to my earlier class I hit up Core Power for a peaceful close to the weekend. CorePower

The rest of my July is jam packed with a lot of fun and travel! I’ll be hitting New York City for Blogher’15 later this week and have some New England time planned before Beach to Beacon. A lot to look forward to! Wow, time is flying!

How was your weekend – do anything fun? Have you seen Inside Out? What was the last new restaurant you tried? 

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  1. I love Inside Out-I saw it opening day with my younger siblings and then went with my bf the following week. My friends and I are planning an Inside Out themed costume for the wine and dine half marathon in November

    1. I always forget how much better it is to do speed work on the track vs treadmill but TM is just sometimes easier. Thanks so much! Oya is marvelous and I highly recommend it.

    1. I’m trying to be more conscious of my strength building and staying injury free so make an effort to do more cross training activities. I also gave up the longer distance for a bit.

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