Dining with Canadian Lentils #LoveLentils

My recap of Blogher’15 activities is coming (promise!) but my first evening in NYC involved a private dinner event so fabulous it deserves its own post. Did you know that Canada is the world’s largest exporter of lentils to the global marketplace?? Lentils are a runners dream. I discovered them about a year ago and have steadily added them into my regular diet. logo

Sponsored by Canadian Lentils a group of us bloggers were hosted by Red Rooster and Ginny’s Supper Club in Harlem, owned and operated by top chef Marcus Samuelsson, for what was sure to be a dynamite foodie experience. We met up with Canadian Lentils at the hotel and they transported us to and from on private buses and I never felt so VIP! RRHarlem

We entered the Red Rooster but dined downstairs in Ginny’s Supper Club which boasts a stage and live music – think speakeasy. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this event but each and every one of us was greeted by Chef Samuelsson who prepared a full course meal with 5 lentils inspired dishes (with all the Prosecco you can drink). RedRooster marontherun.com

To Start: Cornbread and Oyster and Wings

The cornbread was served with a bird and lentil funk – which was unusual for me but savory and oh so delicious. Cornbread marontherun.comThe Oyster and Wing were rooster wings and oysters fried in lentil flour. This was my first time experiencing oysters in any form and they were pretty good. I’m salivating all over again. Oyster&Wing marontherun.com

Appetizer: Gravlax

Upstate farm greens, clam and mustard viniagrette with lentil roti chips. The salad was served over a few pieces of smoked salmon. I wasn’t a huge fan of this dish – the salmon was salty and I actually don’t like clams but the lentil roti chip was to die for. Gravlax marontherun.com

Entree: Duo of Lentil-dusted Catfish and Braised Short Ribs

Ah, yes… you had me at Catfish. I don’t have much to say about this dish (other than yummy noises) as it completely melted in my mouth! It was served with a yellow lentil apple puree and fermented garlic. Catfish_shortribs marontherun.com

Desserts: Apple Sorbet and Doughnuts

To cleanse the palate, a granny smith apple sorbet with candied ginger. AppleSorbet marontherun.comThis was followed by these beautiful doughnuts filled with lentil puree. And of course whipped cream 🙂 Doughnuts marontherun.com

By the end I was SO full but knew everything was made with nutrient dense goodness. I had just started to get on the lentils train and now I’m toot tooting and driving it all around town. Yes, it was that amazing. We each got a meet and greet and photo with Marcus Samuelsson… Mar_Marcus Sameulsson marontherun.com

…and the evening ended with a gift bag of goodies from Canadian Lentils to take home. I love useful swag! (portable salad bowl, bamboo salad hands and a cutting board).CdnLentils marontherun.com

I really enjoyed this experience. Both the creative use of lentils and checking out Red Rooster Harlem for the first time. When and if I make it back to New York City, I know exactly where I plan on dining. Thank you again Canadian Lentils and Chef Samuelsson for the hospitality and Blogher for making this possible!

Ever hear of/dine at Red Rooster Harlem? Are you a fan of lentils? 


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  1. Yum! I love lentils and they used them in so many creative ways here. All I’ve ever done is make them as a soup or salad.
    Chaitali recently posted…Bang bang cauliflowerMy Profile

  2. Ah you met Marcus, I’m so jealous! This is such a cool event! I bought lentils months ago but have never done anything with them! I need to get to Red Rooster! 🙂
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…How to Stay Motivated To Run SoloMy Profile

  3. Wow, what an amazing experience! Red Rooster is awesome and has definitely brought a good vibe to the area it is in. I was lucky enough to dine there at a dinner hosted by a law firm during recruiting season in law school, as I went to Columbia pretty close by, but I can’t imagine having a private dinner there 🙂
    Alyssa @ RenaissanceRunnerGirl recently posted…Running Off The Beaten PathMy Profile

  4. Lentils are SO good! I grew up eating a rice + lentil soup my mother made (I make it now with brown rice), and I can eat it anytime.
    Victoria at Ice Packs + Races recently posted…Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Marathon Week #3My Profile

  5. Oh, my gosh…all of this looks SO AMAZING, Mar! I’m so jealous right now! I’m so glad you were able to experience this; thanks for sharing and getting my mouth watering, girl!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Training RecapMy Profile

  6. Fun! I have never had lentils before. I’m kind of scared of them. I bought a bag to make and it’s been sitting in my pantry for months, lol.
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…MCM Training Recap–Week 2My Profile

    • I was too for the longest time! I only ate them if I was out somewhere and cooked by someone else. But then I bought a bag and cooked some and I’m definitely in love now 🙂 easier than you think 😉

  7. We haven’t had lentils for the longest time but I think I need to get them back into my regimen! This place looks amazing! I love all the creative stuff they did with lentils.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…The real meMy Profile

  8. I love lentils! Never knew they were exported from Canada. Looks like such a fun dinner for you all.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Welcome Runs & TomTom Multisport Watch ReviewMy Profile

  9. I love lentils. They are really so fast and easy to prepare, they’re really good for you and they’re delicious! It sounds like you had a fun (and filling!) evening.
    Debbie recently posted…Starting a Blog. What’s Next: 11 Tips to Get More ReadersMy Profile

  10. What a fun event! Everything looks soo good! The cornbread reminds me of those yummy madelines.

  11. Oh my gosh! These all look so tasty, I just finished lunch but I could totally eat those lentil doughnuts right now. How fun to have a themed meal and that restaurant, so creative.
    Becki S recently posted…The Protein PoliceMy Profile

  12. How interesting! I don’t really know where I stand on lentils. I have to experiment with them more. I’ve never been to that restaurant, though – I have to go!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Recipe Redux: Tropical Smoothie Bowl {gluten/soy/dairy free}My Profile

  13. so fun! super jealous that you met chef! sounds like a great meal and an awesome night!
    Courtney @ eat pray run DC recently posted…MCM Training Recap Week 6My Profile

  14. Wow, what an incredible array of food to enjoy! And useful goody bags are the best. I love those salad tongs!
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Running While Out of TownMy Profile

  15. Oooo I’ve never heard of that restaurant, but it looks like they fed you very well!

    And I’m ashamed to say that, despite being Canadian, I had no idea we were the biggest exporter of lentils! Say whaaat?! I do love my lentils though – I always stock up on a big bag from the bulk section at the grocery store!
    Ariana recently posted…How Can a Personal Trainer Help Me?My Profile

  16. I am a huge fan of lentils. LOVE them.
    Looks like an incredible night!!!
    Natalie recently posted…My Kids’ Thoughts On Why Mom RunsMy Profile

  17. I’m a HUGE fan of lentils. I mean, I even put it in a pancake loaf once (so good btw). Glad to have a new member on the lentil train 😀
    GiselleR @ Diary of an ExSloth recently posted…DIY Coconut Oil Night Cream (3 Ingredients)My Profile

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