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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of checking out Urban Boxing DC – a 2 week old fitness center located in Georgetown. 


Urban Boxing DC offers a range of programs from group classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Strength Training and Yoga. They are currently looking to add Zumba and if you are lucky enough, Sparring is available by invitation only. Their physical space is on 24th Street between L and M in the West End area. The gym is very clean and open complete with a boxing ring, bags, cardio equipment and mat area. There is a shower and restrooms as well as cubby spaces to store your belongings. Urban Boxing DC marontherun.comMembers get full use of the facilities including cardio and weight equipment and unlimited classes. Membership is $85/month or $75/month if you get an annual membership. Your first class is always free and they are in the process of becoming part of the ClassPass network as we speak! 

Their team reached out to me to check out a class or two. I signed up for Yoga for Sports class Sunday morning as it would book end my long run weekend perfectly. I also expressed interest in Kickboxing of which there are 2 levels. There just so happened to be a class immediately following yoga so hey, pull a double, I’m game! 

Yoga for Sports was conducted by Matt and he was awesome. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and Yoga Instructor with an amazing list of professional accomplishments behind him. He explained that this was a beginners class and we would focus on basic stretching and relaxation poses. Perfect for a post run Sunday!  Urban Boxing DC Yoga marontherun.com

Overall the class was great. Not overly challenging but just right. I felt the difference from my tight, sore long run body at the beginning to the end and finished in a very Zen state.  UrbanBoxing Yoga marontherun.com

Following Yoga I had a little break and then it was on to Kickboxing. Was this the best decision after Yoga? Probably not but I figured I could go light or stop if I needed to. Now I’ve taken kickboxing classes before that required use of gloves but it’s been years (many years). Matt was also the instructor for Kickboxing. We started with several minutes of warm up activity which included jogging in place, high knees, butt kicks, squat jumps, planks – oh and burpees! I was dripping in sweat long before I put the gloves on. KickBoxing Urban Boxing Dc marontherun.com

Then it was time to move to the bag. We started with various kicks then moved on to some jabs and combo work. Between each set of bag work we went back to the cardio set with Matt calling out some combination of the exercises we did in the warm up. It definitely kept me on my toes. 

Throughout the hour we worked on varying combo moves incorporating knees to the bag, kicks, jabs, crosses and hooks. I appreciated that Matt walked around and gave personal instruction. Our final set of the workout was free style. We could use the bag to work on any technique or combo we felt like. During each free style set, Matt would work one on one with each of us calling out a kick or punch while he held the mitts. With 5 of us in class this got us through 5 free style sets.

The hour flew by so there was no room for me to even think about taking a break (though I did refill my water bottle halfway through). My kicks certainly need some work (won’t lie, the bag hurts) but it was a really, really intense workout worth every ounce of sweat I dripped onto those blue and red floors! 

Would I go back? Absolutely! Of course I wouldn’t take an hour of kickboxing after a yoga session or long run but hey, life is all about challenging yourself. I’d love to check out their Abs class, and one of their strength training sessions (though getting me there at 6:15 am is a challenge in and of itself). The entire staff was extremely welcoming and friendly and I appreciated their time and attention. 

Burak - Co-owner at Urban Boxing DC

Burak – Co-owner of Urban Boxing DC

If you are in the DC area and looking for a challenging, focused, upbeat and guaranteed sweat fest, check out Urban Boxing DC!! 

Yes, I really did just workout for 2 hours!

Nope, not crazy – just worked out for 2 hours!

Urban Boxing DC contact marontherun.com

You can find Urban Boxing DC online, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Give them a follow and go visit!

Have you ever taken a kickboxing or boxing class? What is your favorite way to sweat? 

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