Friday Five: Best Race Signs

Happy Friday and welcome November! Joining my ladies, Cynthia and Courtney for our first Friday Five of the month. This week we’re talking 5 Best Race Signs. FF Best Race signs

I’ll be honest with you, I had to dig deep for this post. I like the theme but my memory is terrible. I know I’ve seen a lot of good, clever, funny races signs over the years (and hello I raced on Sunday!) but racking my brain to remember them is a different story. After crossing the finish I tend to flush the rest out of my mind. Anyway, here are five signs I’ve seen that I’ve enjoyed: 

  • Go Random Stranger, Go! It’s always nice to be cheered on and acknowledged by friends and family, but even more special when perfect strangers take time out of their day to cheer you on as well!
  • Worst Parade Ever. This one always me chuckle.
  • You’re a wicked fast runna’. Clearly this was from a Boston race. 2013’s Run to Remember.
  • Crawlin Crab Jokes. What I love about this race is they have joke signs all along the course.
    • “How did the crab become CEO?” A: “He clawed his way to the top!” 
    • “Where do crabs go to unwind?” A: “the sandbar” … you get the idea 😉 oh and hip hop hooray I just found out they also had FREE race photos. Crawlin Crab marontherun.comThis is why it’s one of my favorites. 
  • That’s a lot of work for a free banana. #truth

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. It’ll be the last in a long line of non-traveling weekends so I’m relishing it. What are your weekend plans? What are some of your favorite race signs?

46 thoughts on “Friday Five: Best Race Signs

  1. I enjoyed this prompt because I often take pictures of race signs as I run by. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t remember half of them!

    I’m hosting my MRTT chapter for a party on Saturday evening. It’s gonna be fun!

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Hilarious Race SignsMy Profile

  2. I love the Go Random Stranger Go because it reminds me of a lady at Walt Disney World who always cheered at every Disney race until she passed away earlier this year. Peggy Sue was a sweetheart and her smiling face was always wonderful to see as she cheered from her wheelchair.
    Pam and Christine recently posted…New York City Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

  3. I’m never quick enough at races to take a pic of the signs and only the memorable ones stand out.

    I remember seeing the “worst parade ever” sign at a the disney process half and it was the first time I ever saw that sign. I was cracking up for a good quarter mile thereafter. I haven’t seen the “free bananas” one but that is cute!

    My favorite is “pain is temporary, Internet results are forever.” It’s very motivating ????
    Krystal recently posted…Five things I love about fitness boot camp.My Profile

  4. “That’s a lot of work for a free banana.” HA! I’ve never seen that one before!

    I’m going for a nice fall hike tomorrow, then running a Veterans Day 10K on Sunday. Then eating ALL the food at brunch 🙂
    Dana Ayers recently posted…Jingle All The Way 5KMy Profile

  5. As many races as I’ve done, I’ve seen tons of these signs. But very few make it into the old memory bank. I’m waiting to see a blank poster. Because sometimes, you don’t need it to say anything at all! Just the presence of spectators cheering you on is quite awesome.
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Five Favorite SignsMy Profile

  6. Even though they don’t have a funny saying, I always like the blown up pictures of runner’s faces. There were so many of them in NY. It was definitely entertaining to see them all, but I kept praying my husband hadn’t done that for me.
    Haley recently posted…Race SignsMy Profile

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