How to Have a Technology Free Weekend

Recently I wrote about one of my goals to be more present. Having technology free weekends once a month has been one way of accomplishing this. So many commented on that post that they didn’t know I how could do that and it seemed impossible. I can say from experience that it is not impossible! There was definitely a time before phones and data took up so much of our lives. I’ve appreciated how technology has enhanced my own – but there are certainly moments you need a break so today I’m offering a few things to do to have a successful technology free weekend!Tech free weekend

First – set a time. My monthly technology free weekend starts Friday evening at the end of the work day and goes through Sunday night. Much of my blogging work and planning does happen on the weekends so when my technology free weekend comes up, I simply plan around it. I’ll respond to my Friday Five comments in the morning (or delay responding) and either have a post written and scheduled for Monday or defer posting to Tuesday. I do not feel guilty for missing a few blogging things because that is kind of the point! The weekend is to recharge me and bring me back to the present. If an entire weekend seems daunting to you, start by choosing one day. Either way, committing to a specific time frame is step one.

Second – Log out of all social media applications. This applies to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on every device – phone, laptop and tablet. Knowing I would have the extra step of logging in often lessens the temptation for me. Of all the positive things that have come out of my monthly tech free weekends – I have completely discontinued the use of sound and visual notifications on the phone for all apps. One, it’s annoying but two, I don’t need to see or hear every time I get a Twitter or Facebook notification. The only app I’ve kept a visual notification for is Instagram.  

Third – Have a plan for emergencies. I do not want to give the impression my technology free weekends include not having my phone accessible at all. The laptop and tablet are completely off limits however the phone is generally on, sits on the opposite side of the room when home and can only be used for it’s intended purpose – to talk! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s important for me to remain accessible to friends and family in case of emergency. I usually give people closest to me a heads up about my inaccessibility so this tends to be a non-issue but have an emergency plan that feels comfortable to you. 

Note: I do not actively or intentionally text during these weekends unless it’s a message from my mom ๐Ÿ™‚ and in that case I pick up the phone and call her. Recognize it’s not about punishing yourself, but supporting being present in the moment and focusing on real communication. 

Fourth – Get out of the house! My technology free weekends is when I relish in making plans with friends – another reason to have the phone accessible – taking walks, visiting new to me places, or just getting my errands and to do list done. I also be sure to get in some quality workouts and end the weekend with Yoga! 

As I mentioned, going technology free for a few days shouldn’t feel like a punishment or a chore. One thing I’ve learned is the world will not end because I couldn’t Google something on Saturday or check my Twitter feed. There is something freeing about not relying on your “smart” phone to have an enjoyable day or weekend and think of all the wonder you may notice that you hadn’t before!

Have you ever had a technology free day or weekend? Why or why not?

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  1. I love this idea! I have also been working on being more present, and being tech free at night. It’s definitely helping my sleep, and Dan is a lot happier when I’m not connected to my phone ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. YES! the first time you slip and then realize you have to type those extra keys I’m like, nope not worth it. Causes me to think twice! I’ve formed more positive habits now.

  2. I don’t get any notifications on my phone for any apps – I’ve never seen the need for them. One thing I have been really trying to model for my friends is putting my phone away when I’m spending time with someone. I get frustrated when I’m at dinner or something and everyone is staring at their phone – it defeats the purpose of being together! Today a chick was texting during a pb class and I almost lost it. Anyway, these are some good tips!
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  3. When I go camping, I always go technology free and after a day you don’t even miss it. It’s liberating in a way!
    Great tips, because of my business I own I can’t take a weekend off, but I remember reading your post on this last week and it reminded me as this does today that I really should set a time each night and just put it out of reach and just go offline and technology free for a few hours every evening.
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    1. in my past 9-5 life it was harder to do this so I would give myself until a certain time Sunday evening then allow 30 minutes of work email check time in advance of Monday. really protects your sanity!

  4. You’re right that it’s not drastic. It’s intentionally taking time to just enjoy your physical environment and to people sharing it, rather than trying to connect with everyone everywhere.
    I did a mini version yesterday at church. I just put my phone in my purse and didn’t check it for hours – from about 10 to after 5, I sent one text to find out if someone I didn’t see was okay.
    I usually only get blog and Instagram notifications on my phone too. I can’t imagine if I added Facebook and Twitter notifications. That would drive me to drink! ????
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    1. I do it monthly. Most of my blog writing and planning happens on the weekends so as I mentioned above, I plan around it when I’m in my tech free weekend or simply, just don’t get to it! It’s not the end of the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I know, it’s hard. The day blogging becomes a full time job/income for me is the day I’ll no longer prioritize tech free weekends. But that’s just not my reality and I definitely need the downtime!! if only once a month.

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