Friday Five: How a Runner Prepares for a Blizzard!

Well if you haven’t heard, the DC area is getting hit hard this weekend with a blizzard. I’m actually pretty excited about the thought of all this snow as it reminds me of my Boston days. DC however, isn’t exactly known for how well they handle weather situations so much remains to be seen. Since today is “Free Friday” – as well as next week – with Courtney and Cynthia, I thought I’d share how this runner is preparing for the blizzard! Friday Five Blizzard

ONE: Charge all the things! Whether inside or out, power or no power I’ll need to be prepared, fully charged (and back up charged for emergencies!). 

 technology marontherun.comTWO: Carb loading. While I’m hoping that we don’t lose power at all this weekend it makes sense to have some sustenance at the ready that doesn’t require cooking or heating up. While running errands I walked past Panera Bread and decided to grab some of their yummy bagels. Then I came home and cooked a box of whole wheat pasta, tossed in some veggies and made a quick pasta salad. 

THREE: Post run (or missed run) recovery. Stocking up on the essentials, amiright?  

FOUR: Famous Footwear. I’m only in the first week of my new half training plan and don’t have a lot of miles on tap this weekend so it is highly unlikely I will take it to the streets. However, I did dig my Asics Trail Running shoes out of the closet. Always be prepared. 😉 Asics trail

FIVE: Lastly and most importantly is don’t try to be a hero. We runners like to prove we are badasses no matter what the weather. The most efficient thing any runner faced with harsh conditions can do is stay safe. Period. You can have “all the gear” and “none of the fear” but don’t do it for the Insta. If the weather is really bad and you don’t have access to a treadmill – find a workout you can do inside and switch up your plan. There is no race worth braving blizzard conditions. I’m lucky in that I have a fitness center behind my house so my “super hero” status will come from the treadmill. 🙂 

Hope everyone stays safe and warm!! How’s the weather where you are? Fellow runners, how do you handle inclement weather? 

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  1. I unfortunately do not have easy access to a treadmill so right now my plan is to do my long run tomorrow, easy miles Sunday and probably not do anything on Saturday.

  2. This is excellent advice. I am trying to remember to keep everything charged up tomorrow! I am going to squeeze in a run before the snow comes in, since I know it will be a while before sidewalks are run-able.

  3. Oh man I can’t even imagine being caught in a blizzard! I am pretty lucky to live in sunny San Diego 🙂

  4. My Dad – who lives in Ontario – told me there was a blizzard coming to the east coast. Stay warm and safe you all!! Here in Vancouver, it’s just rainy rainy rainy. But I’ll stock up on…post-run essentials for sure! We actually have our choir concert this weekend, so I should hydrate rather than imbibe. 🙂

  5. Great ways to prepare for a blizzard! Hope it isn’t too bad. Must stock up on essentials. 🙂 Stay safe!

  6. I have a (dying) treadmill in my basement if I get desperate, but I ran today and will hit the gym tomorrow morning. Saturday I’ll shovel snow for my workout. I’m not going to worry past that – the gym is walking distance if I get desperate and the walk there in deep snow has to count for something, right???

  7. Yay snow! You look prepared with the backup batteries and wine. And I’m so with you on not running in crazy conditions – people are going to get hurt! Good luck and I hope you survive 🙂

  8. I think we had a similar idea!
    Stay safe my friend!

  9. Thankfully it’s supposed to miss us entirely, but my husband still made me cancel our trip to my parents (90 minutes away) in case they’re wrong.

    Just another reason I hate training in the winter, but luckily I decided my first half will be in December!

    Hope your power stays on. Stay safe!

  10. I agree don’t be a hero! I usually waited until the worst weather died down and the roads were clear, sometimes that meant skipping a run, but it beat ice skating on my runs! Definitely #3! 🙂

  11. Boston will definitely have prepped you for a DC blizzard! Although, it might be a different situation if DC isn’t as prepared as you are. Wine is such a good idea. 🙂 And having everything charged is a great tip. Last year when Boston had that awful amount of snow all winter, I spent a lot of time on the treadmill. What I learned is that Outdoor miles just weren’t an option. So be prepared for not being able to get outside and finding alternative ways too. Stay safe this weekend!

    • lucky for me I like the treadmill and DC is such a walkable city I an get just about anywhere – which is a good thing as our transportation system will be shut down all weekend!

  12. Good luck with the impending weather. I’m flying to Boston on Sunday and hope the storm will have passed and I can make it there to see mom. I remember so many cold snowy days while visiting here in 2015, and training on heartbreak hill with snow on the ground. Blizzards are seem to be fun for about 10 minutes unless you are a kid and no school!

  13. I hope you stay safe but have fun during the storm! I’m happy you all are getting it instead of me.I’ll run outside during snow if it’s not super windy. Wind is my least favorite element! I’m lucky to have a treadmill and to also live just .25 mi from my gym 🙂

    • yeah, I will run in just about anything but wind and ice are elements to watch. My fitness center at home is a short walk and my gym is less than a mile so either way I’m covered. Excited for the white stuff though!

  14. STAY SAFE. And yes to not being a hero. Sometimes, we have to let the world do its thing. It is a wee bit more powerful than us!
    And if that upsets you, drink some wine and shut up.

  15. Hope you stay safe and warm!!! Enjoy the wine 🙂

  16. Time to get out the Yak Trax! Have fun in the snow. But be safe, of course…

  17. Great tip!

    I forgot to get some libations-lol!! Lunchtime run!

    I cooked my meals for the night last night. I have a few more things to do but should be dome before the 1st snowflake.

    I do not plan to try to run until the snow is cleared. I will do in home workouts until we are able to dig out.

    Stay safe and warm!

    • whaaat?! libations were first on my list, lol. it’s not even so much the snow that’s the problem it’s uncleared pathways and streets that can be an issue. Good idea to wait until it’s cleared!

  18. Yes! Wine for sure. But I seriously don’t know what I would do with all that white stuff on the ground!

  19. be safe & cozy if you guys get slammed w/ snow! up here in NYC we’re supposed to get a bunch as well, and this post made me smile b/c one of the guys i work with yesterday was like, “let me guess, even if we have an insane blizzard, you’re going to be crazy and go running in it.” i’ve already promised myself if it’s unsafe, i will NOT go and will instead use the treadmill in our bldg gym. wine is a MUST, i’m stocked on that too! one good thing about NYC is that a lot of the little neighborhood bars stay open and everyone flocks to them, stumbling around in the snow, so my roommate and i have a wine bar date on Saturday if the blizzard comes. 🙂

  20. You so nailed it!
    I find snow storm days are also good for indoor cross training or just plain “rest day”. It’s always nice to bundle up on the couch and for me with my kids and just relax on snow days. We get nailed with storms in Nova Scotia but somehow are missing this one!
    Good luck, stay stafe.

  21. YES TO WINE. I need to make another trip to the store after I leave work (early) today! You stay safe down there!

  22. Haha, awesome post. Good luck this weekend! I hope it’s not as big as they are predicting!!

  23. It still amazes me when I see reports that DC doesn’t handle snow well. Don’t y’all get snow every year? I don’t understand it.

    • you’re preaching to the choir on this one. I’m from Pittsburgh and spent my entire adult life in Boston – DC is technically “south” so they just don’t prepare and NEVER learn. We don’t always get snow every year, it just depends. I find it ludicrous.

  24. I am so excited that the snow is south of me. I have a 12 mile run scheduled for the weekend.

    Stay safe.

  25. Trail shoes were so helpful for my training last winter. But my shoes are no longer available in my size and new ones haven’t been released. Argh! So far I’ve been wearing my regular shoes in the snow and ice, and they’ve done remarkably well, but I still want trail shoes. Good luck with the blizzard!

    • i love trail shoes! I don’t trail run often so it’s nice to have them available in this kind of weather! I just bought a new pair last year so mine are good for awhile.

  26. good luck! I agree – especially on #5! When we had that big blizzard that closed Lake Shore Drive, people were going running on the lake. I almost got blown across the street trying to get in to my apartment. It’s not worth getting hurt! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  27. Thankfully, we have a home generator, so we should be good if the power does go out. It’s always fun in the beginning though when it first goes out. Kind of gives me the nostalgia of what it must have been like to live in the age where all they had were candles and lanterns. I am not a fan of the treadmill at all! YUCK! But, I like the idea of having a family stair run challenge. Start in the basement and run up both flights and back down a certain number of times while being timed. That’ll get in a good workout fast! Enjoy the snow…we’ll be up here in the Charm City ‘Burbs getting hammered along with you!

    • I happen to like the treadmill so I’m good there. It’s all mental anyway. Though I did sneak in a few miles today before it started. I’m excited about the snow personally!!

  28. I like the way you prepare – especially your essentials 😉 Hope you all don’t get hit too hard in DC!

  29. All great tips! We’ve got a bunch of food and entertainment ready to go. I’m planning to stick to indoor workouts on the weekend and did try to prepare by getting some runs in earlier in the week.

  30. LOVE your #5. Don’t do it for the Insta!
    I’ve read quite a few people who said they wanted to go run to say they did. Risky and so not worth it!

  31. Need to have the essential “fluids”, if going to be stuck inside. Have a good weekend and stay safe!

  32. What a great current event post Mar! In Mississippi, we don’t usually have to worry about blizzards, but it does snow every once in awhile and if you haven’t heard we kind of go a little nutty down here when it does. Charging all things is a great tip along with stocking up on healthy grab and go snacks and foods. You can bet since I’m at work and got stuck trying to get home last year, I will be weather savvy today!
    I wanted to thank you so very much for all your help on the StumbleUpon topic this week in the FB group. You are a wealth of knowledge and I very much appreciate the info you gave out. I love the new Friday Five topic format and I am going to make a point to try and participate more! Stay safe Mar!

    • aw, thanks! 🙂 DC doesn’t blizzard often either, it rarely ever snows but because of that they aren’t well equipped to deal and everything shuts down. I work from home so this is magical for me 🙂

  33. I’m prepared to hunker down and enjoy the snow! I bought lots of food and the fitness center downstairs will be calling me name 🙂 I typically love any excuse to stay in and do nothing BUT knowing that I probably can’t go anywhere is making me kind of antsy haha! Hopefully us runners can get in some fun snowy runs once everything is a little more clear. I’m excited 🙂

  34. Running in deep snow is really fun, but I’m with you: don’t put yourself in danger just to prove what a badass runner you are. Your idea of stocking up on the essentials is fantastic. 😉 I love big exciting weather events (as long as everyone is ok). Have a good weekend. I hope you can enjoy some relaxing hibernation time during the blizzard.

    • I love running in snow! but definitely not during the storm or on unpaved roads. Too dangerous. But we haven’t had a major snow event in a long while so I’m pretty excited about this!

  35. We’ve been charging all of the devices too. And I’m 100% with you on #5. There’s absolutely no need to be a hero in weather like we’re supposed to be getting. Its much better to be safe than sorry.

  36. We lost power on year at Thanksgiving due to a massive snow storm. We slept by the fire in the living room and cooked on the BBQ. The one thing we learned … keep cash. Stores were open but we only had cards. Great post I hope things don’t go too bad for you!

  37. I can’t imagine how much snow Calgary would have to get to have things shut down…but here we are much better equipped to deal with all of the snow. Sounds like you have all of the essentials down. Hope you are able to stay safe and warm this weekend!

    • when I lived in New England, this was nothing. I still had to show up at work. DC is just different. But I’m excited to stay indoors this weekend and enjoy some warmth and quiet.

  38. I grew up in Maine with a ton of snow and loved it. Now in France, no snow… but when I see the quantity you are all going to get, I kind of wish I was in DC this weekend. Brings back childhood memories !

  39. Way to be prepared! How convenient to have a gym by your house. I love ours being only 2mi away. Stay safe:)

  40. My husband came home with pizzas today-I don’t understand why people eat more during a snow storm? lol I am planning on making some home made hot chocolate tomorrow though. Hope you weather the storm ok

  41. OH yea, stock up on all the booze was high on my priority list 🙂

  42. Yes to wine and charging! I have been obsessive about charging my phone and lap top since Friday haha. I also hit up Panera–Great minds think alike! 🙂

  43. Living in New Hampshire we have definitely seen our share of blizzards. One year we lost power for a week. People in my town with more remote homes were without power for 3 weeks. Love that a priority charge is the garmin.

  44. This is great, love the essentials!! The storm completely missed Maine where I live & I was a bit disappointed, as I love a good snow storm where I am forced to stay in, cook, & drink wine!! 🙂 Have a great week!

  45. I love the don’t try to be a hero comment! I have driven in and braved some nasty weather, but I was all about not taking risks this weekend!

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