14 Days of Self {Care}

It was a crazy weather weekend but we made it through the blizzard relatively unscathed. Accumulation totals are off in spots but we got at least 2 feet. Did I get a little stir crazy being indoors? YES! But look how pretty… DCWinter marontherun.com

after the first shovel!

after the first shovel!

It was nice though to have some quiet time as it gave me plenty of opportunities to focus on a little self-care. As a Health and Wellness Coach I believe self-care is critically important to overall wellness. As parents, children, spouses, coworkers and friends – you cannot take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Practicing self-care means to intentionally engage in activities that support your physical, emotional and mental health. This practice is unique to everyone – what makes me feel good emotionally might be completely different for you. Mindy Hale quote marontherun.com

As we head into February the Fitness Cliff looms and the excitement around the New Year and resolutions can begin to fade. Gyms are less crowded and momentum can stall. There is so much to love about the month of February. For starters, it’s heart health month and who can forget Valentine’s Day! I thought this was the perfect time to host the 14 Days of Self {Care} challenge! 14 Days of Self marontherun.com

Here’s how it works: beginning Monday, February 1st through Sunday February 14th, post daily on Instagram showing how you are practicing self-care. Tag me @marontherun and use the hashtags #14daysofself #selfcare. Posting for the duration of the challenge enters you into a giveaway prize for a Whole Foods gift card! There will also be a couple of other “care package” prizes given away during the challenge. 

In addition to the Instagram challenge I have created a private Facebook group to offer additional motivation and support (or if you choose not to participate via Instagram). By joining you will have access to the “Daily Dose of Self” a daily post offering mindful meditations, recipes, yoga poses and self-care tips. Join the group, post on Instagram or both! I look forward to you joining me and welcoming in the month of LOVE (yourself).  

Who’s in for the 14 Days of Self? What are looking forward to in February?  

50 thoughts on “14 Days of Self {Care}

  1. Love (pun intended!) this.

    For years I used to feel guilty about self care. That I should be taking care of others. Then the light switch went on…if I don’t take care of me-i can’t take care off others!

    I am so mich better for it!!

    1. me too – because I’m single I always felt like I had to work the long hours and give things up so others could have it. Not anymore! We’re both better for it πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I’ve been working on it for awhile and definitely wanted to wait until January was over. With the blizzard that just adds to the feeling of letting wellness and fitness fall by the wayside!

  2. I could not agree more about self-care! It often feels selfish when you have kids and all the responsibilities that come with them, but the saying “if mama isn’t happy then nobody is happy” is true on so many levels!! Hoping I can remember to do this πŸ™‚


    Just wanted to let you know I wrote a post including your 14 day of self care.

    Thanks for the reminder of the importance.

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