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Welcome to the Friday Five with me, Cynthia and Courtney where today’s topic is “Fitness”. Obviously I’m a big fan of running and working out. DC is a great city for getting your fitness on – from running to biking and everything in between. Gyms, clubs and studios can be costly but there are so many great and cost effective fitness opportunities to experience all the great that DC has to offer even without a gym membership. Cost effective DC Fitness

One: Join a local running club. While there are many local clubs, one that comes to mind personally is DC Road Runners. Their annual membership is $20 and comes with a series of small local races in a variety of distances at no cost to members. Not a member? Registration is open (for the most part) to all and are typically $5. They also offer (for a fee) training plans and group runs for spring and fall races. You get your money’s worth that’s for sure and may find a new friend or two!

Two: Community Fitness Classes. If you haven’t heard of or aren’t following Active Life DC, you might want to start. Their website and weekly newsletter boast a calendar of fitness events that are free or low cost across the district. Classes and events run the gamut from local fitness providers like VIDA Fitness, to sponsored classes with Lululemon, Nike Training Club, North Face Athletics and other local running clubs. There are numerous yoga events across town that are free to drop in or donation based. November Project also has a pretty big following in DC. All workouts are free and while I have never done a November Project workout (because 5:30 am, lol), you just show up. And you get amazing views of the DC’s monuments and the sunrise. 

Three: The streets are your treadmill, run all over them. Blizzards aside what I love about DC is you can literally workout anywhere. DC workout marontherun.comAll you need is a good pair of shoes and your body weight. Check out Pinterest or your favorite training app for some exercises and hit The Watergate Steps, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial or Rock Creek Park which actually has outdoor equipment near Calvert/Woodley Park: Rock Creek fitness marontherun.comFour: AM Lift. We all need a little strength training in our lives amiright? For $10 join Get Fit Like That for this fun total body strength training class located in Dupont Circle. Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 am through March 24, 2016, Sharita will get you buff and tough just in time for summer!

Five: Get Social. By that I mean make social media your friend. Follow your favorite fitness providers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sign up for their newsletters, connect with Living Social and Groupon. Even if you are unable to invest in a series of classes or a membership most fitness studios offer a free first class experience or two, have special events and other opportunities that make it more affordable. Recently I purchased a Living Social deal at LavaBarre in Arlington, VA that allows me to take a set of classes over the next month for less than $10/class.

Yes for a lot of these places the idea is marketing and to obtain new clientele but stay vigilant and make the most of what they have to offer!

Locals – how do you fit in fitness economically? Outside of DC, what cost effective opportunities exist in your area?  DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup


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  1. I love all of these tips! Staying fit does not have to be expensive, sometimes all you need is pair of sneakers, so I think it is great that you pointed out that the streets can be your treadmill! Have a great week & that you for hosting the link-up πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhh this makes me miss living in Philly! The workout options are a bit limited here in Anchorage (I wish we had the November Project!) and it’s definitely more expensive to try things out. I’m currently paying $95 for my gym membership, and most of the people who live here are paying the same thing! So silly, but so necessary πŸ™
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  3. Love these ideas. We invested in home workout equipment years ago and are the rare family that actually uses it! For the gym classes I’m hooked on (which now include CPY, thanks to you!), I buy packages to reduce the cost per class.
    Coco recently posted…Five Ways To Go Red For WomenMy Profile

    1. I know! My favorite spin studio has deeply discounted rates for early morning and lunchtime classes – so I try to sneak in one day a week at lunch so it’s more economical!

  4. Joining your linkup for the first time and even though I don’t live in DC I still love these tips! I’m trying to find motivation to exercise in the cold cold winter months here in Denver and this is just what I needed. Thank you!

  5. Great ideas! I get my fitness on for cheap mostly doing workouts at home/outside. I did have a planet fitness membership for while, which gave me just enough options. I’m lucky to have a treadmill now that I’m living with my mom for a few months so I can stay out of the cold in NH! (If it ever gets cold again…I’m rooting for it to stay warm)
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    1. I just can’t workout at home, not enough motivation but love that as an option for so many! I have a fitness center in my complex too so that helps with treadmill running and sneaking in fitness when I can’t get elsewhere.

  6. I don’t have a gym membership anymore. I wasn’t using it so why keep paying for it? I still use the treadmill because Texas weather is all over the place, but I don’t miss the gym itself.
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  7. My gym is so cost effective! Planet Fitness is only $10 a month. I love it. I also invested in weights for at home and it is an investment at first, but it ends up totally paying for itself in saving me TIME driving to the gym. Great ideas, Mar!

  8. I love the low cost local running club races! That’s what allows me to do so many races throughout the year, otherwise I’d be broke. And I do keep an eye out on sites like Living Social and Groupon for fitness deals. That’s what allowed me to try both Pure Barre and Aerial Yoga.
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