Friday Five: Favorite Links this Week

Happy Friday! Joining Courtney and Cynthia for the Friday Five and today is about “Favorites”. I thought I’d do a little link love round up of some things that caught my eye this week.5 favorite links

Olympic Marathon Trials. I don’t think there was a single runner around the country NOT watching the Olympic Marathon Trials last Saturday. I loved that NBC had real-time, live coverage of the event (though the commentators left a little to be desired). I’m proud of our 3 men and women, and that two of my favorites, Meb and Desi will be representing the US in Rio!! But this story got me this week. There were hundreds competing and while the live coverage really only focused on the front of the pack, the last place male and female left me humbled and inspired.  

  • Side note: Desi Linden. Can I ask, why are we not talking more about her? This lady is a beast, placed second, and finished 4th in the Boston Marathon last year! Yet my news feeds is full of stories about Shalane and Kara (both of whom she surpassed). I get it, they are “big” names in the running world and don’t get me wrong I like and respect both of those athletes but man alive, I want to see more coverage of this lady (and Cragg without adding Flanagan to it) especially as we get closer to Rio. I’ll save my rant on why I think she doesn’t get that much attention for another day πŸ˜‰ .

12 Tomatoes. This site made my week! It popped up in my news feed on the book of faces so I checked it out. They post daily simple and easy recipes and their website is essentially a database of quick recipes. Those are all my favorite words (simple, quick, easy). 

Edible Spoon Maker. I can’t even with this. So genius. r29_edible spoon maker

Mythbusting. Another post that caught my eye was about a reality show “Work Out New York” and the Influencer effect. I have not seen the show she is referencing but her points are so valid about entertainment and “truth in advertising”. We live in such an Influencer world right now that people are being paid more for who they know and what they are connected to versus what they actually know. All I can say is no matter whether it’s related to fitness, health, or whatever don’t just go with the herd or accept something at face value. Do your research to make your own informed decisions. Particularly if it affects your mind or body!!

Why I Won’t Apologize for Posting My Run on Social Media. I’ve seen this post shared a few times across my channels and loved it. I don’t post on Facebook as much as I used to (the medium itself has lost it’s flavor with me) but I definitely maintain my Instagram and Twitter. Like the writer I post for me but who knows who else I could be helping even if it’s just one. There is strength in numbers, positivity is contagious and sometimes you need to see someone else doing it to inspire you to get it done – or just to show we are all mere mortals. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for what I do or don’t do. My goals are my own. I get a lot of personal messages from friends telling me they enjoy my posts and even looking for a little push to get back to the gym. So my mantra lately is this: Just Do You. 

Looking forward to 60 degree weather in DC this weekend – perfect for the long run!! What’s on tap for you? What is one good thing from your week? DC Trifecta Friday Five linkup


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  1. I actually missed the trails :(….mommy duty and I was at a bday party….boooo. I have loved reading about them though. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Desi Linden…hmmmm

    I am running the MCRRC 5 miler that was rescheduled after the blizzard. It is at 8 so still will be chilly but so looking forward to warming temps. πŸ™‚

  2. Woah… edible spoons? That’s such a good idea!!! I also totally agree with you about Desi. She’s pretty amazing and has always been looked over because she isn’t as involved in social media. She really ran a great race and I’m sure she’ll do really well at the olympics.

    It’s been 70 degrees here in Kansas. I think it gets cold again next week, so I’ll enjoy the warmth while it lasts.
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    1. in so many areas of life unless you are an “in your face” kind of person, you just don’t always get the proper credit. I love that she’s quiet, and strategic and smart and just does her thing.

    1. right??! I could totally see me making a bread soup spoon and then eating it after my soup is gone – love the idea! and yes, Desi is totally overshadowed and it’s frustrating.

  3. omgosh an edible spoon maker?! i have had this “thing” with spoons, don’t ask me where it came from — i think it started in college with a yogurt obsession — but i was always fascinated by the pull to find a “perfect spoon” and my friends would buy me all these antique ones and take them from restaurants and whatnot…so silly but adorable. i think i need this just on principle!
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  4. Did you see the second story about the last place finisher? We were there and were wondering about him. I was like “do you think that dude just showed up for the 5 K and ran the trials?” or “did he steal someone’s number.” I TOTALLY AGREE ON DESI! She is amazing and I love her. I wanted her to win and watching her running her heart out in the last loop made me love her more. She has heart and soul!

    Lots of good things this week. I did listen to some amazing podcasts from NY Times Modern Love. The one from this week and last were must listens!
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  5. When they said Desi was gaining ground on the front two, I knew Desi would make the team. I’m happy for her too since she had a stress fracture in 2012. I’m hoping she can have a good training and get to run the whole race in Rio.
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