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Like many cities across the east coast, we in the DC area have suffered through nearly 3 weeks of rain. Every. single. day. Talk about downright dee-pressing! The sun played a little game of hide and seek throughout the weekend so here’s hoping for sunnier days ahead! While I’m not currently training hard for anything right now I still try to maintain a 5-6 day workout routine. I haven’t done any workout round ups recently and had a pretty sweaty weekend so thought I’d give you a quick peek.  


My personal training commitment ends this month and I missed a bunch of sessions being sick and traveling so Jake and I added some makeup days into the next few weeks. This was a 3 session week so with deadlifts Monday and squats Wednesday we put the heavy weights away to focus on core and single leg strength Friday. Workouts included rear elevated split squats (which I hate and he makes me do anyway, lol) alternating with one arm bench presses and weighted planks. Weighted planks marontherun.com

Uhh… Jake was working out with me so while I did my planks with a 45 pound weight on my back, he did them with me standing on his. To test his strength even further someone (read: not me) suggested I do some bicep curls. Note: we only did the curls once and were under supervision of the gym owner so no muscles were hurt in the making of these photos 😉 . Our workout ended in a partner conditioning set. We alternated between weighted sled pushes and the rowing machine until we got to 1000 meters. I was sweaty and sufficiently worked out but if felt great! A great way to work things out on Friday the 13th which I then followed with a 3 mile run.


In the a.m. I met up with Jenny for a long overdue catch up! We started off at Zengo Cycle for a sweaty Saturday ride, her first with them and as usual – it was great fun! Speaking of Zengo, I’m hosting a blogger ride confirmed for Saturday, June 11. It starts at 12:30 pm and there will be sweat, fun and giveaways! Reserve your space now: click here to register via Eventbrite – and tell/bring a friend! Zengo Ride wMar on the Run 6.11.16

Following our sweat session with Jason it was on to brunch! We headed to Cafe Deluxe which is one of my favorite local haunts but first time brunching there and it was pretty delicious. We started by splitting an order of Beignets… Cafe Deluxe Beignets marontherun.comHoly amazing! We certainly didn’t polish them all off but they were heavenly. I had the Deluxe breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes and the softest biscuit with strawberry preserves I’ve ever eaten. I will be heading there for brunch again soon that’s for sure! Departing the restaurant we ran straight into the Spring Festival at Cathedral Commons. Spring Festival marontherun.comSeveral local restaurants and shops were hosting giveaways and offering samples. There was also a stage set up for performances later on. Even though we were completely stuffed from brunch we just couldn’t pass up the Grande Paella that Barcelona Wine and Bar was serving up because, seriously…  Barcelona Paella marontherun.com

my mmmmm... face!

my mmmmm… face!

It was so great to see Jenny and catch up (we even decided on an out of state race together later this year, oh runners…) while enjoying the sunshine because the rain came back later in the afternoon. Go home rain, you’re drunk. 


Sunday was low key and quiet but my spirits were lifted because… here comes the sun (do do do dooo…)

Honestly it was exceptionally chilly and windy but I didn’t care because NO RAIN! That won’t last too long but I’ll take it. I managed to get in 6 miles including some speed/intervals then coffee later with a prospective health coaching student to connect and chat about my experience with Georgetown’s program. The weekend went by in a flash and a busy week ahead but yay for weekends and sunshine! 

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How was your weekend? Anyone else being held captive by a ton of rain?


27 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – Fitness & Eats

  1. We have been held captive by fog and grossness. And shifting weather. I just want it to make up its damn mind! And I died over that pic of you with Jake. LOVE IT

    1. Mother Nature is such woman, make a decision already! Haha, I thought he was kidding when he said stand on my back. We compromised with me kneeling because standing would have required more balance! 😉

  2. I was at The Rising Women’s Conf all weekend and did some work as well. It was a very full weekend and I’m SO looking forward to running camp this weekend. Fun that you got to catch up with Jenny! I’m bummed I’m racing on the day of your blogger ride!

  3. Wow, it looks like you had so much fun this weekend and especially meeting up with Jenny. How great that you could plan a race together in the fall. The beignets looked amazing….I love good treats after a workout.

  4. Such a fun weekend! man, Planking with 45 pounds on your back?? I can’t even imagine what that feels like! So cool you got to hang out with Jenny, I still need to formally meet you both! I so wish I could come to your cycling event in June, I hope you have a fun time!

  5. Looks like a fun weekend and how great that you got to hang with Jenny! You showed more restraint with those beignets than I would have! LOL! So where did you two decide to race?

  6. I can’t imagine planking with 45 pounds on your back! Just look at your coach with you on his back. Gah! You and Jenny enjoyed some amazing food. I know it was fun to catch up. And yes to races with friends! We didn’t have the rain in the south. I’m just already tired of the heat. Thanks for linking with us Mar.

  7. Planks with 45lbs of weight, omg I feel so weak Mar! That is awesome. My trainer will occasionally do the workouts with me too which I love. It’s good to hear her huffin and puffin some too! Although she can keep proper form and go a lot longer than I can!

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