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Happy Friday and TGIF! Joining Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five and today it’s all about “food and drink”. After running a long race usually the last thing I’m looking for is food. But once I’m through the chute and get settled I may crave something salty or sweet. The best races are ones that give you a bag or even a pre-packaged box to get your snack on later. My final spring race was last weekend at the Newport 10 Miler. After snagging PR’s my friend and I immediately went for the beer tent to celebrate. All this got me thinking of some of my favorite post race refreshments I’ve had – outside of the basics like water, electrolytes and bagels. Favorite post race refreshments marontherun.com

Beer. Most races provide post race beer but normally it’s kinda blah beer like Miller or Bud Light. Color me excited when races serve better quality or even hometown beers. Last week Harpoon was on the Rhode Island agenda and it was SO good. North Face Endurance Series also serves Sierra Nevada which is equally yum! Definitely a welcome treat after a long race. Harpoon Newport10 marontherun.com

Soft Pretzels. Philly Pretzel Factory provides this post race staple for the Philadelphia Marathon and Half. It was a cold and windy November day when I ran it last fall so not only did I eat it pretty quickly but it totally hit the salty carb spot! *photo credit: Philly Pretzel Factory Philly Pretzel Factory

Root Beer. There was a mix up with the alcohol permit for the Milwaukee Running Festival so they couldn’t serve us beer but this Sprecher Brewery Root Beer was a nice consolation prize. I don’t typically drink soda but sometimes after a half I crave the sweetness and bubbles. MKE Half medal marontherun.com

Smiley Face Cookies. These are synonymous with Pittsburgh and what I long for after running this hilly half! Eat n’ Park makes them and just typing that restaurant name makes me nostalgic for home! The marathon also provides Panera bagels so I ain’t mad at da ‘burgh on the refreshment front… Pittsburgh Marathon smiley cookies marontherun.com

Wine. I don’t need to explain this do I? πŸ˜‰ 

even sitting down I've got sweat dripping!

What is your favorite post race refreshment? Any particular race that does post-race well? 

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  1. I always crave pretzels after a race. I was super bummed after the NYC and Disney marathon because they had chips in their refreshment bags. During my last marathon there was a guy with a bowl of pretzels at mile 24. I grabbed a handful and thanked him a dozen times. Glad to know I’m not the only one with the craving.

  2. Not wine or beer, although I’ve done quite a few that provide that! You people are killing me with the soft pretzels (Marcia recently wrote about a race with them waiting at the end). I would love that! If it’s a hot race I NEED something salty afterwards, or I cramp.

    Smuttynose. Clam chowder & a lobster roll. It was awesome.

  3. I crave Chocolate Muscle Milk Light or a protein frappuccino. They are my post race treats! And then I want my eggs. OK SO I”M BORING> But I usually convince myself to have more than that,. The only problem is that once I start, I can’t stop!

  4. I discovered the joy of a post-race been when Port City started doing the beer tent at the GW Parkway Classic. I think there might be good beer at LHH tomorrow – last year they had DC Brau. My favorite thing after a summer race is cold watermelon, but I’ve only had it at a small 8K.

  5. Surprisingly, the Newport News marathon had great post race food–they had food trucks set up near the finish line and runners could choose from different types of foods (I chose tacos-so good!). Also, the Smuttynose Rockfest Half gave lobster rolls to finishers–favorite post race treat so far!

  6. I love when post-race refreshments are out of the ordinary. Philly pretzels are good, but only when they’re fresh! I’ve had too many stale ones at this point so now I avoid them lol! I really enjoy craft beers, the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut had watermelon and desserts, and the Annapolis Classic had grilled oysters! I am looking forward to wine at ZOOMA Cape Cod!

  7. My favorite would be at Disney, either a Dole Whip, or a slushie from the kiosk in France. EPCOT just got rid of the margarita kiosk, and I really hope they don’t go after the French kiosk.

  8. I always crave fruit- watermelon, little fruit cups, even ice cream. The Parks Half had watermelon, and MCM usually has both watermelon and ice cream. In 2015 I parked myself between the watermelon and ice cream people for almost an hour, slowly eating both (and maybe I went for seconds). I will skip the bagel in favor of the fruit every time post-race.

  9. I love it when they have real beer after a race! I am not a Bud Light, Miller Light or, heaven forbid, Michelob Ultra drinker so I’m always super happy when there is actual real, good beer after a race. And that soft pretzel looks amazing and I want that!! I often eat pretzels while I’m running so I’m pretty sick of them by the end of a race but that soft pretzel is a different story!!

    1. i tend to skip the beer most races unless it’s a really good one or it’s exceptionally warm out. i ate the pretzel on the mile walk back to the hotel. SO good!

  10. I agree with all of these. I love a cold beer especially in the summer after races. Also I LOVE running in Philly for the post-race soft pretzels!

  11. More times than not I will enjoy a pretzel after one of my long runs. I’ve never had a Philly Pretzel Factory one but it does look good. My favorite are Annie Anns I think it’s called but my go-to is the pretzels they serve at Sam’s Club with a drink all for $2.50 you just can’t beat that!
    Thank you Mar for hosting the link up and Happy Friday to you! πŸ™‚

  12. My best after race refreshment has to be hands down applesauce! I ran the WDW Marathon a couple years back and had food poisoning a couple days before. I had a hard time getting GU down during the race and everything sounded horrible after. I tried the applesauce and was so happy I went to get another. This is now a staple in my running supplies as it is very gentle on the tummy.

  13. Those soft pretzels are so good. And, I’m always up for a good, quality beer post race!

  14. The soft pretzels sound good post-race! Suja is the main sponsor for the RNR San Diego so they were giving away full bottles of their product – I tried their Twilight Protein juice (apple juice, almond milk, strawberry and banana puree, pea protein, chia seed and ground vanilla bean) – it was a tasty drink.

  15. Soft pretzels would be yummy!!!! Chocolate for sure! And coffee. I usually have to find a nearby Starbucks for coffee post race. I have done a race that had chocolate at the end and one that had cupcakes. That was pretty good!

    1. Newport also had coffee after! it was catered by Corner Bakery but I just wasn’t that hungry so we hit the beer tent first. But yes, chocolate is a good one too!

  16. That wine glass and shoes picture is excellent. I totally agree with you about beer — quality beer like a local microbrew after an evening race is excellent. For morning races, I really like having a coffee afterward.

  17. Oh… post race soft pretzel, my hubs would run races just for that! Nothing like a good cold craft beer after a race.

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