Summer Essentials: What’s in My Gym Bag

Happy Friday! Joining Cynthia and Courtney for the weekly Friday Five with the general topic of food and drink. I like to take liberties with our general topic and because it has been SO HOT in DC this week am giving you a peek at what’s in my gym bag. Just some summer essentials that help to keep me “nourished”.  πŸ™‚ whats in my gym bag

Aveeno Protect+ Hydrate Sunscreen SPF 70. I am so bad about using sunscreen but runners tan demonstrates it’s necessity! And it’s DC, and it’s hot… πŸ™‚ I pretty much exclusively use Aveeno products for most of my skin care so when I found this at such a high SPF level I knew I needed to try it. It goes on very light and non greasy and actually holds for a long time while also moisturizing perfectly. Aveeno sunscreen

Gym towel. I hate that I sweat so insanely profusely, but hey at least my pores are clear! πŸ˜‰ I have a linen closet full of branded towels I’ve gotten at different events so always have something on hand to throw into my bag. My favorite though is my Mission (affiliate link) cooling towel. It’s very absorbent as a dry towel but also serves as a cooling towel when it’s wet. Great for post workout cool downs!

Water Bottle. Another thing I have in abundance are water bottles. I keep them everywhere, on my nightstand, coffee table, in the car. For working out my preference is my Nathan Fire and Ice bottle (affiliate link). A great find I picked up at City Sports before they went out of business.  It keeps my water cool for a really long time and in the summer I’ll pop an ice cube in for even more refreshing cool. 

Ultima. I think this goes without saying – I love my Ultima!! When I know I’ll be outside in the heat, or my workout will be especially hard (or sweaty, like heated yoga) I need more than water to keep hydrated. They’ve just adjusted the formula and reduced the packaging to save waste. I think it tastes even better. And that’s saying a lot since I already loved it. Ultima Yoga Sculpt

Lorissa’s Kitchen jerky. I love this stuff!!!! I was first introduced to it as a Fit Foodie Ambassador as they sent each ambassador a gift package. I’ve been hooked ever since. Even better they sell it at Target. I always keep a pack (or try to) in my bag for a quick snack after leaving the gym to tide me over. The Szechuan Peppercorn is definitely my favorite, but they are all pretty good, flavorful and spicy. Lorissas Kitchen jerky


What essentials are in your summer gym (or other specific workout) bag? What one thing can’t you live without?
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35 thoughts on “Summer Essentials: What’s in My Gym Bag

  1. I also have waterbottles literally everywhere – car, desk at work, gym bag, night stand, etc. At least I’ll always stay hydrated!

    I also make sure to keep Nuun and Honey Stinger products in my gym bag as well.

  2. That Aveeno sunscreen sounds great. I’m allergic to many (being a ginger…that is not fair!) so I’ll have to try this one next. I’ve been keeping some towels in my car to wipe myself off after runs at the nearby trail. I need a little cooler of ice water to keep them in πŸ˜‰

  3. Bug spray (since I seem to attract mosquitoes) and flip flops. Sometimes I keep a second shirt in my bag, just for the post-run/workout commute home.

  4. Good to hear about Aveeno. I fry quite easily so I always need sunscreen. And after starting to see a dermatologist as a proactive measure, and seeing what some patients look like, I am soooo diligent about applying sunscreen.
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  5. i actually don’t even have a gym bag as my gym is in my apartment, or else running outdoors! i always bring a waterbottle, phone and headphones (music is a running must for me), and if i did have a bag, it’d prob have an extra shirt and flip flops for sure.
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  6. Today I was fueled by Nuun – lemon lime πŸ™‚ I have beer tried Ultima, but i like to try new things! and yes a towel for sure, I was sweating like crazy at the gym lol

  7. I like Aveeno products as well and have tried their sunscreen. I don’t have a gym bag but I always carry a water bottle and NUUN in my purse. Next time I’m in Target, I will look for the jerky – sounds like a good snack item to have.

  8. Aquaphor! If I’m going to a race, gotta make sure I have that so no chafing. Deoderant and wet wipes for after those hot workouts.

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