“Spring” Clean for Fall Running

The temps have been amazing in DC the past few days though I don’t put it past Mother Nature to drop some heat waves in the coming weeks. In any event I love when seasons change, and I’m not mad to see pumpkin everywhere now that it’s officially fall. And with that I’m starting the process that always comes with a seasonal transition. Aside from checking mileage on shoes there are a handful of other things that are helpful in getting ready for fall running. Joining Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five: spring-clean-fall-run-marontherun-com

Check expiration dates. While things like protein powders, bars, and hydration packs might have a longer than usual shelf life, it’s always a good idea to make sure their expiration dates are up to snuff and throw away anything out of date. With the fall comes new and fun flavors, and end of season sales so it’s a good a time as any to restock and find some new favs!  

Streamline your sock drawer (ok, this might just be for me). Most of my socks are Feetures! anyway which have a lifetime guarantee, but still – new season and a long summer of running is the perfect time to toss any socks that wore out their welcome or add some fun new colors to the mix. 

Make a race day shed pile. DC weather is deceiving and even with fall temps my tank tops and capri pants will stay in rotation. However, with each season change I always go through my long sleeve shirts, sorting and donating any that don’t fit or I’ve been holding onto needlessly. Before donating directly I’ll make a pile to be used for those chilly race day mornings that can be tossed (and are often donated by the race organization). Race swag shirts are the perfect start to this pile!

Scrub down your sanctuary. And by sanctuary, I mean bedroom. Sleeping is such a big commodity for runners in terms of rest, recovery and performance. Quality sleep at that. After a summer of basking in the sun, dead skin and pollen can settle into places you wouldn’t think of. Though I dust my entire house regularly, I spent a couple hours this week completely scrubbing the bedroom. We’re talking bucket, hot water, all purpose cleaner, wiping the baseboards, windows, bed frame and washing and changing the sheets – including the mattress pad and skirt. I added some lavender scents after vacuuming and that fresh, clean smell had me sleeping like a baby on day 1. spring-clean-marontherun-com

Look at your reflection. I know, I’m all kinds of clever with words. 😉 Whether you run in the morning or early evening, you may not have needed those knuckle lights/headlamps/reflective vests. Now that the days are shorter and nights longer, this is the time you may be reaching for those accessories so check to make sure they are in working order or need replaced.

How do you prepare for a seasonal change? What tips would you add?

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32 thoughts on ““Spring” Clean for Fall Running

  1. I ‘ll be Giving my house a scrub down this weekend too! I also was just thinking bout going through my “good will pile” and taking out some long sleeve shirts I can use for before some fall races!
    Happy Fall and enjoy what’s left of this fabulous weather!

  2. Summer made a stubborn reappearance in Iowa this week! There were no long sleeves worn at all (except when I was at work…because it’s always sub-artic there). Great tip on cleaning the bedroom…I dust (not as routinely as I should), but never thought of doing the thorough-all-over thing.
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    1. the beginning of the week felt like summer – it’s starting to cool but every so slightly. It’s a comfortable warm now. Yeah, I’m so glad I did the all over thing. It just FELT fresh!

  3. I’m moving when my lease is up so I’ve already been going through my stuff. A fan died the other day so that went in the dumpster. I have two more, so no need to replace the old one.
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