Favorite Recovery Tools & a SKINS Compression Review

Happy Friday! Time just continues to move along swiftly. Joining Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five linkup. Though I took a short injury timeout from training I got back at it this week and rest and recovery has definitely taken on a higher level of importance. Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite recovery tools plus a review of an amazing pair of compression tights I received from SKINS Compression. *note: while I received a pair of tights for review, all opinions expressed are my own.recovery-and-skins-marontherun-com

Foam Roller. Hurts SO good!

Epsom Salt Bath Soak. After a 2 week running break, back to back runs, and travel to and from Pittsburgh, my legs were toast on Monday. The cure to tired legs for me is a good Epsom salt soak (and bubbles for the relaxation effect!)dr-teals-epsom-marontherun-com

Massage. No explanation needed and I’ve just reminded myself that I’m overdue for one. 🙂

Yoga. This has become my new favorite method of recovery. I go to yoga at least once a week now and sometimes 2 or 3 if I can fit it in. 

Compression. I don’t generally use compression for much else except socks for post run recovery. I do have a couple pairs of compression grade running capri’s but recently I was contacted by SKINS Compression to try a product from their DNAmic line and I’m hooked. skins-marontherun-com

“Banish the post-training ache with SKINS’ range of compression technology. All SKINS women’s ranges are designed to stabilise and support key muscle groups in the body to get you fitter, faster and stronger, while reducing risk of injury. We also know that women’s needs differ based on their sports, climates and gear requirements, so SKINS collections each have unique elements that can accommodate any athletes performance demands.

There are also compression ranges specific to men and youth and sports such as cycling and triathlon. Right out of the box I was impressed first off by the design. I tend to go traditional black but this particular print caught my eye and it was even better in person than online. With a lot of compression it’s a workout in and of itself just to put it on (and don’t get me started on taking it off) but these were so lightweight and easy to get into. The fabric is soft and a little sheer (it’ll stretch out to a grayish color) but it’s not see through. They fit perfectly. I ordered a small even though I was on the line of between sizes.skins-running-marontherun-com

What sets SKINS apart from other compression brands is the amount of scientific research done in product development as well as testing. They can actually say the proven benefits include better circulation and more muscle power with published journals to prove it. I’ve run in them twice already and they’ve become my favorite pair of tights to run in. I guess that means I need more because one pair won’t cut it! 

All in all if you are looking at compression for its benefits I would definitely highly recommend SKINS. There are so many other products to choose from including compression tops and bras (this vest is on my wish list!! 🙂 )skins-vest-crop-topWhat is your favorite tool for recovery? How do you use compression?  Want to try a pair of your own? Use code: MARONTHERUN-SKINS20 for 20% off your order through October 23, 2016!

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42 thoughts on “Favorite Recovery Tools & a SKINS Compression Review

  1. I am a strong believer on compression for recovery. I always wear sleeves or full socks overnight (and sometimes for a day or two) following a long run or race (anything over 10 miles). I have never noticed a drastic improvement in my “performance” if I wear them for a race,but I definitely have much less (if any) post-run puffiness/swelling. Those tights look amazing!!!
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  2. OMG, after my race last weekend I did an epsom salt bath (Sunday), went to yoga Monday, got a massage Tuesday, and also have been using my foam roller. All I need are some of those Skins which look amazing!. Love the pattern and the compression
    Coco recently posted…Facing Up To The TruthMy Profile

  3. I have made it a point to get massages regularly. I love rolling as well, just need to get back to doing it more. You have me intrigued with the SKINS. I may have to check those out, thanks!

  4. I’ve recently started doing the monthly massage thing and I really think it helps! I got one about two weeks ago and it loosened up the tightness I had in my muscles from doing so much running- especially since I had just started back to running after a two month hiatus! I also love compression socks for recovery- my favorite brand is Pro Compression because they have the cutest designs!
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  5. I love my compression socks, but only having one pair means laundry day before most long runs. Foam rolling is also a daily go-to to loosen up!

  6. Those tights look awesome! One of the “problems” I have with compression gear is that so often it’s just not that cute! Hanz and Franz may say that it’s better to look good than to feel good, but it’s great when we don’t have to choose! Good calls on the recovery tools as well – now that it’s getting cool out, those Epsom Salt baths are going to be that much more enticing! Thanks for co-hosting!

  7. My favorite recovery tool is the Roll Recovery R8. It’s painful at times, but it feels soooo good afterward. I also enjoy a epsom salt soak.

  8. Glad to read you had a positive experience with skins. I hate wearing tight cloths, though I do run in compression socks now. I would be afraid of how tight their products are. They are pretty big here in France.

    And you have reminded me of my need to make a massage appointment !
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    1. I hate wearing tight clothes as well. These are actually really soft and not as tight. I noted that in how easy it was to get them on and off. With any compression you have to look at the grade and material to determine fit.

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