Weekly Recap & a Miami Weekend

The Monster Mash Half is less than a week away. While this is half marathon #31 for me and seems old hat, at the beginning of this week I can’t say I was feeling good about it. My training cycle hadn’t really gone the way I’d hoped. I do think I’ve learned a lesson and that is, there is no legit reason for me train 12 weeks for a half marathon. It’s just too long. I work out 5-6 days a week regardless of training and I have the strength and fitness to make it to any start line in one piece but unless it’s a goal race (which this is not) no more 12 week plans. As it stands I probably only did about 7ish weeks of it in full anyway due to sickness, an ankle injury and just general life. In any event, as the week progressed I definitely started to feel better about it and I’m excited for my girls weekend and State #19! weekly-recap-miami-marontherun-com

Monday: 7 mile run. Gorgeous day. Absolutely, perfectly fall and stunning. It’s amazing how you can start out in the shaded trees of Rock Creek Park and just a couple miles later be greeted by the Potomac and several monuments. DC can be an odd city in that regard – a good odd ๐Ÿ™‚ potomac-river-run-marontherun-com


Tuesday: REST. Inadvertent. My plate was way full today but one of those new energy exhilarating ones. Still, my body was toast by the end so rest it was. 

Wednesday: Body Pump + 3 mile run. Not sure running immediately after pump was the greatest of ideas but… 

Then a fun evening treat. Kevin Hart announced on Twitter there would be 3 advanced screenings of his film in one day (NYC, DC, Philly) and he’d be making an appearance at all of them. I love him and his comedy so quickly RSVP’d snagging a couple of tickets, which were FREE. When I received the confirmation I saw that the show started at 11:30 pm (on a school night?! seriously, Kevin don’t you know I’m usually waaay past lights out at 11:30 pm?!) I hemmed and hawed about actually going but a friend of mine said, let’s do it! kevin-hart-what-now-poster


It was so much fun. He is a total spitfire and full of energy but always, always has a positive message to share. They passed out t-shirts and vouchers for a free drink and popcorn so while it was a late night, how often do you get opportunities like this? It was definitely worth the late start. As for What Now? HILARIOUS. Seriously, go see it!

Thursday: REST. Note to self: you’re not in college anymore, staying out until 2 am and getting 5 hours of sleep after a double workout day will leave you feeling zzzzzz…. End note ๐Ÿ˜‰ . To be fair, yoga or some kind of active rest was on the schedule so at least I didn’t miss a big workout.

Friday: 10 miles. With weekend travel in the forecast I opted to do my final long run before Monster Mash on Friday. From a scheduling standpoint it works out pretty well since the race is on a Saturday. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after this run but it was pretty amazing. I felt strong and kept it nice and easy. All the meh feelings about this training cycle subsided a bit after this run. Really looking forward to 13.1!

Following my Friday long run it was time to get ready for the weekend as I had a date in Miami with the Pittsburgh Steelers! ๐Ÿ™‚ My flight wasn’t until late afternoon Saturday so started my morning with a little recovery cycling at Zengo Cycle. Then later it was Bienvenido a Miami! img_20161015_181246 After being greeted by this beautiful rainbow upon landing, it proceded to rain hard, harder and hardest for several hours. No bueno Miami, no bueno.

Just a few scenes from the weekend…

After arriving I met up with a dear friend and former Georgetown classmate who lives in Miami. A nice break from the storms! We dined at Beaker and Gray and it was fabulous!! I had these cheeseburger croquettes and pumpkin gnocchi both of which were to die for. I wish the lighting was good enough for photos because I really have no words. But take my word for it – delicious!picture_20161016_213331139


Sunday was game day! While my team did not pull out a W (losing horribly) I take solace in the rest of our divisional opponents losing so we still remain in first place. That and it was just a fun day! Yummy Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwiches to curb my football watching hunger!picture_20161016_213109077


Following the game my friend and I went back to the hotel to decompress a bit before hitting South Beach for dinner where I drowned my sorrows in a Sunkissed Sangria and some yummy cuisine: Truffle Fries, Street Tacos (not pictured because, yum) and this amazing Creme Brulee with carmelized bananas and chocolate. Oh my! picture_20161016_213025827



Though the rain put a damper on things (like beach time, hello! ) it was a pretty fun weekend.

How was your weekend? Linking up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

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  1. When I flew back from Denver on Friday, I picked up the new Runner’s World, which features Kevin Hart. It was fun reading all the articles they had, and how his social media influence has gotten a lot of people to run. They had an article on that, and when he did Hood to Coast.
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  2. I can relate to the now needing to train for a half for 12 weeks too! While I ran through the summer, they were very short runs. My first half of Fall is end of October but I didn’t officially start to build up miles but about 7 weeks out. I think that was best for me. I have a lot of races on the calendar and I don’t want to get burned out.
    I know you are glad you stayed up for Kevin Hart! I mean how could you not! What a fun night I’m so glad you are going into your race with confidence and that will carry you to the finish line!
    Glad you had a good time in Miami even if it did rain! Poo! Safe travels back for you Mar !
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  3. Miami sounds fun. I haven’t been there since I was a little girl. You may surprise yourself at the half. Most times, less is more anyway. I agree — 12 weeks seems too long for half marathon training, unless you’ve been out of the half scene for a good while. Good luck at Monster Mash and thanks for linking, Mar!

  4. OMG, that Sangria. Mmmmm. I need to get back on that half marathon training wagon. Like you, I’m pretty sure my body can get it together but I have about a month to actually run some longer distances to prep. Need some mojo stat!! Good luck at the Mash!!
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