Year in Running 2016 and What’s Next

It’s hard to believe less than a month remains in 2016. It’s always nice to do a little reflection on the year. Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC hosts the annual Year of Running linkup. Today I’m adding my Year in Running 2016 to the mix.  

Best race experience: B.A.A. 5K in Boston. I always consider Boston my second “hometown” because I spent most of my adult life there. The B.A.A. 5K occurs the Saturday before Boston Marathon weekend. This annual event began the year after I left Boston for DC so I never got to partake until this past year. I joined my bestie and her husband and seriously, what a FABULOUS race! I already plan on going back in 2017. So amazing to feel the energy of the Boston Marathoners and to participate in some way. I even spectated the marathon on Monday and got to see so many friends pushing through at Mile 19. Best experience ever. 

Best run: My best run wasn’t even in a race. Last spring I met Meb and a few other Olympic athletes at the KT Tape event in NYC. The highlight of that day was running around the track with Meb. His brother/manager was super kind and made this happen. Best running experience ever! Hands down. 

Best new piece of running gear: I didn’t invest in anything substantial this year above a new pair (or two) of shoes. So instead I’ll go with this badassery: 

Even though I felt beyond crummy and probably should have cancelled race weekend, the Monster Mash Half in Delaware was worth it for Mr. Stein alone. He is humongous and he spins!!!!  

Best running advice you’ve received this year: Nothing specifically but I had the pleasure of working with Coach Suz earlier this year and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Her plan was solid and it helped bring some much needed joy back into my running life. 

Most inspirational runner: There are a lot of inspiring runners out there from elite to recreational, young and old. But I have Meb on the brain. Not only is he repping for us in our 40s but when the Rio Marathon didn’t quite go his way, he didn’t quit and when he slipped just shy of the finish line – did pushups before getting back up and running across! 

Favorite picture from a run or race this year:  Newport 10 Miler in Newport, RI. 

I always love when races include your photos in registration. I didn’t even know this photo was being snapped but at this moment I knew I was in PR city and heard my friend (who had just PR’d her race) screaming for me as I made my way to the finish line. This is me acknowledging her and being so proud of running a strong race (in the rain, again.) Though I have to laugh at my arm warmers bulging out of my fuel belt under my shirt. haha. 

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: April Fools Half. And not because it was so fabulous (it wasn’t) but I trained hard for that race and while I ran what I felt was a strong run – the cold, windy and sandy conditions challenged me in a way I couldn’t overcome. If I could have a do-over there would be a few things I’d change, mentally mostly. However, hindsight is 20/20 so I’m certainly not going to dwell – and besides, I’d rather stay as far away from New Jersey as possible. HA!  

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Wet and rainy. Seriously, I ran ONE race this year in dry weather – the Annapolis 10k in November. Every other race came with the wet stuff. Rock n’ Roll DC, April Fools 8K, Pittsburgh Half, Newport 10 miler, Fit Foodie 5K (holy. downpour.) and Monster Mash in Delaware. What you got against me Mother Nature?? 

What’s Next?!

I’ll be working hard in the off season to strength train and get my running confidence back. The last couple years I’ve just really struggled mentally with my running and slower times as a result. I really want to get my mental mojo back in hopes the physical stuff will follow. As for what’s next, while my running life will always be peppered with 5K and 10K’s here and there and I’m definitely heading back to Boston for the B.A.A. 5K I have two half marathons confirmed.

First up is Rock n Roll DC on March 11. I managed to sway Kristy into birthday shenanigans (or maybe the medal swayed her…)

But also I’ve opted to run as a SoleMates for Girls on the Run. Time won’t permit me to coach this spring and I wanted my first race of the spring to be about something bigger than myself. While I’m working on the goal of rebuilding my running confidence, I can think of my former team and all the young girls who will be helped in the process. You all know how much I deeply love this organization!! Feel free to visit my fundraising page HERE to help me make a difference in a young girls life and help them build their own confidence – in running and life. 

Run with the Cows in Kansas on May 13. For no other reason than to check off another state and visit my buddy Lisa! I’m not quite sure what my goals for this race will be yet, it all depends on what happens at RnRDC but definitely looking forward to a new state. 

So, 2016… you haven’t always been pretty but thanks for being overall good to me and keeping me healthy for another year! 

How was your year in running 2016? How do you like to train in the off-season? Any big 2017 plans?

27 thoughts on “Year in Running 2016 and What’s Next

  1. Yay, loved reading this, I agree about staying far away from NJ!
    And while the medal definitely made me want to run DC again, you definitely talked me into it. (Easily). If you weren’t running it, I probably wouldn’t have either. FUN!
    And so excited that you are going to be in Boston!

  2. I’ve run a lot of races and yes a few have been rainy – 2 halfs and 2 5ks.

    I hope to do the BAA 5k this year.

    I did the Dash to the Finish 5k in NYC and that was fun.

    Congrats on a great 2016 and hopefully an even more successful 2017.
    Darlene recently posted…Monday Running UpdateMy Profile

  3. Love these posts. I hear ya about regaining confidence – it is tough! I’m hoping once I get into month two of running under my belt, I’ll feel like my old self. It is like starting from new. Maybe we can do Indy together next year. PS – I am off the last week of December, are you around? We can hit up Zengo.
    Jennifer recently posted…2016 Berlin Marathon Expo + Good News + SpectatingMy Profile

  4. Awww….you got to run with Meb! Isn’t he the nicest guy? I met him (ever so briefly) at a race a couple years ago, and I joke that he “paced me” for the first 100 feet or so of the race (then he was gone….). I had a tough year of frustrating finish times as well….I didn’t have as much rain as you, but strange “dormant” injuries that surfaced prior to many of my races and plagued me on the race course. Oh well, Onward!

  5. Um, I got to meet you this year!!! That’s a big highlight for me πŸ˜€

    You had an incredible year and I’m always jealous of the cool things you do and the awesome people you get to see/meet.

    Happy New Year my friend! <3
    hellyontherun recently posted…Sweet ’16My Profile

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