Now we can see Artificial Intelligence with and directly in various activities, including in the health sector. The rapid development of digital technology and machine algorithms has contributed to the creation of intelligent machine creations in the health sector. The following are the benefits of AI technology in the health sector:

Health Sector

Accelerating Development of New Drugs

The drugs that we can consume today are the results of research that are not cheap. It takes billions of dollars for research to put drugs in clinical trials, and even then only 10% are successfully sold on the market. That is what then also drives the trend of using AI in the development of new drugs.

Improving Hospital Service Efficiency

Customers complain about complicated procedures, confusing documents and the receptionist or administrative services that make them uncomfortable. The patient care department is one of the areas targeted to make it more practical and enjoyable with the support of AI technology. Various innovations were created to help hospital staff to process more data and serve patients faster.

Support Operation Process

Surgery is still the most complicated medical procedure and takes the longest time. Moreover, patients who live in areas with fewer health facilities have to queue longer for major surgeries. That is why AI technology has also been developed to create robots that can help process operations faster. The robot is equipped with various main components such as a mechanical arm, surgical instruments and cameras. The surgeon can control the robot’s mechanical arm and perform operations via a computer with a control panel. The camera on the robot will provide magnified three-dimensional images and make it easier for doctors to see down to micro parts.

Manage Medical Data

Medical data is also one of the main concerns, considering the position of health services as one of the big databases. Difficulties in finding patient data or even losing medical records are still very prone to occur. Even though these data can be very influential for the success of handling and treating patients. The ability of AI technology to connect data points more quickly is very important to provide support in this area. Analysis of patient medical record data can be done more quickly to formulate the most effective and efficient treatment plan.

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