Morning bath is usually done before going to school or work. However, because the cold weather in the morning makes not a few people who choose to take a shower using warm water rather than cold water. Though bathing using cold water in the morning turned out to have many benefits, especially for health. So, what are the benefits of bathing in the morning with cold water? Here are seven benefits you can get if you take a cold shower in the morning!

1. Improve Heart Performance

If you are accustomed to taking a morning shower using cold water, the heart’s performance will also improve. This is because when cold water flushes, the body will automatically look for warmer air. The warm air is obtained from oxygen that is breathed into the body and is driven by the performance of the heart. That’s why the heart will work well and be healthier due to increased oxygen levels absorbed.

2. Streamlining Blood Circulation

The benefits of taking a shower in the morning using cold water is that it can facilitate blood circulation. Cold water splashed on the body can moisturize and tighten the pores of the scalp. That’s why blood circulation becomes smooth and you will avoid the risk of stiff joints and inflammation.

3. Relieves Muscle Pain

What after actively moving to do physical exercise your body feels achy and painful? You can cure it by taking a morning shower using cold water. A study revealed that the benefits of a morning shower with cold water can be felt by the muscles of the body that have been doing physical activity. If you feel pain in that area, bathing in cold water can reduce pain one to four days after exercise. This is because cold water provides a relaxing effect on the body.

4. Overcoming Stress to Depression

It turned out that the benefits of a morning shower using cold water can overcome various mental problems such as stress to depression. Generally, stress arises due to too many thoughts. However, this can actually be overcome by routine bathing at dawn or morning using cold water. Bathing at this time will increase the supply of oxygen to organs so that organs can work well. In addition, a study revealed that bathing in the morning can stimulate the blue dots in the brain. The blue dot is the main source of noradrenaline which has the role of chemically reducing depression. Cold water used can also trigger the release of endorphins which can fight stress hormones while producing serotonin which can relieve depression.

5. Increase Body Immune

Morning or early morning baths can increase lymphatic movements. This movement can encourage white blood cells to fight infection and viruses that want to invade the body. That way a morning bath can also maintain and increase the body’s immune system or immune system to avoid various types of diseases.

6. Lose Weight

If you feel overweight, it never hurts to get used to take a shower in the morning by using cold water. When doused with cold water, fat tissue in the body will actively work to create heat energy. That way the fat in the body will also come on fire.

7. Improve Memory

Even though you are getting older, you still want to have a sharp memory, right? That’s why make it a habit to take a shower in the morning using cold water. The benefits are believed to expedite blood circulation in the body and provide oxygen as well as nutrients to the brain. If the brain continues to be well nourished, then memory or memory will remain sharp.

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