Tips for Fulfilling Nutrition in the Body
Tips for Fulfilling Nutrition in the Body

Tips for Fulfilling Nutrition in the Body

During the fasting month, the body will experience changes in eating patterns. Fulfilling nutrition in the body is very important to do. Make sure these changes don’t interfere with your activities or health. This is also to ensure that after fasting, we will be fresher. Then what are the ways to keep the body healthy during fasting. The following are some tips for fulfilling nutrition in the body during fasting:

Fulfilling Nutrition

Eating Dates

In general, dates are eaten at the start of the iftar meal. Since dates are a nutritious natural sugar, they can provide a much-needed energy boost. Do not let your body to lack blood sugar.

Eating Soup

Soup is an indispensable dish when breaking the fast. This dish is rich in water and helps you hydrate. Make soups like tomato soup, or vegetable soup and avoid cream based soups.

Consuming vegetables

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and provide so much nutrition in very few calories. The more colorful the salad you make, the more health benefits it will contain. It also provides a feeling of fullness, ensuring you eat less towards the main course.

Consume lean protein

When breaking your fast, you need to consume high-quality protein which is highly digestible and contains essential amino acids. The body needs these nutrients to build and maintain muscle mass. Beef, milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, fish and chicken are all high-quality complete proteins. Choose lean protein for the benefits with less saturated fat.

Drink water before eating

Drink lots of fluids such as water, fresh juice or milk. This will prevent dehydration and provide the body with the essential fluids it needs. Water remains the best source of hydration for the body. Drink 1-2 glasses of water before eating to avoid delaying the digestive process.